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  • Brief Introduction to Surface Metrology

    Surface metrology is the science that deals with measuring topography. Characterization of a surface with its amplitude, spacing and shape of its features, is called "topography". The term "topography" is derived from Greek roots; "topo-" meaning place and "graph-" describes a type of symbolic diagram.
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  • Webinar: Optimizing Accuracy and Repeatability of Microscope-Based Measurement Systems

    The modern microscope has evolved into the instrument of choice for extracting fast and reliable measurement data in the R&D, quality control, and production workplaces. However, many instruments are not fully optimized to produce accurate, repeatable, and reproducible measurement data.
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  • 3D Surface Measurement: Characterization of Solar Cells

    Solar energy is becoming more and more important all around the globe. Not only is it available in unlimited supply, it also offers key advantages for protecting the climate and the environment. Every year, many thousands of solar cells are produced worldwide for new photovoltaic plants. An important criterion for quality control is 3D characterization of the light-absorbing surface. In the past, this required time-consuming SEM analysis. A Dual-Core 3D Measuring Microscope that combines confocal and interferometry technology offers non-contact, high-precision analysis of the surface texture of solar cells in a matter of seconds.
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