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  • TFG Promotes Organization of Transitional ER and Efficient Collagen Secretion

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the animal kingdom. It is of fundamental importance during development for cell differentiation and tissue morphogenesis as well as in pathological processes such as fibrosis and cancer cell migration. However, our understanding of the mechanisms of procollagen secretion remains limited. Here, we show that TFG organizes transitional ER (tER) and ER exit sites (ERESs) into larger structures. Depletion of TFG results in dispersion of tER elements that remain associated with individual ER-Golgi intermediate compartments (ERGICs) as largely functional ERESs. We show that TFG is not required for the transport and packaging of small soluble cargoes but is necessary for the export of procollagen from the ER. Our work therefore suggests a key relationship between the structure and function of ERESs and a central role for TFG in optimizing COPII assembly for procollagen export.
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  • Taking the Long View

    In exploring how embryos take shape, John Wallingford has identified a key pathway involved in vertebrate development – and human disease.
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  • Webinar: Morphogenesis

    Morphogenesis – literally “shape creation” – is responsible for the diversity of biological shapes that make up Darwin’s “endless forms most beautiful and wonderful”. In recent years, the combination of cutting edge microscopy and molecular approaches in developmental, cell, and molecular biology have provided an increasingly in-depth view of how organisms (and all of their integral parts) form from a single cell. In this exciting webinar...
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  • Webinar: Forces in Cell Biology

    Chemical and electrical signals are well known to contribute to the growth and development of an organism; recently, there has been an emerging focus on another cue that can inform cellular development: physical force. Cells are pushed, pulled, and squeezed as they undergo biological processes such as cell division, migration, and morphogenetic events, and exciting recent work is identifying the role such forces play in governing cell function.
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