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  • Laser Microdissection Publication List

    This monthly updated reference list demonstrates the major application fields for laser microdissection in life science research.
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  • TIRF Publication List

    This monthly updated references list presents current papers using Leica AM TIRF in the major application fields for TIRF microscopy.
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  • Multiphoton Microscopy Publication List

    Multiphoton Microscopy is an advanced technique for imaging thick samples. Applications range from the visualization of the complex architecture of the whole brain to the study of tumor development and metastasis or the responses of the immune system in living animals. On this regularly updated reference list you can find selected publications on reseach using multiphoton microscopy.
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  • OCT Publication List

    OCT is a non-invasive, contact-free technique that helps to detect and monitor morphological changes of ocular tissue, in particular retinal layer thickness, which can give insight into pathological conditions such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or diabetic retinopathy. This references list presents selected publications performed with an Envisu OCT imaging system.
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  • GSDIM Publication List

    GSDIM microscopy is a widefield super-resolution technique based on the localization of fluorophores with nanometer precision. With its help a lateral resolution of down to 20 nm can be achieved, whereas the new 3D feature even shrinks axial resolution to 50 nm. Here we provide a collection of publications around that super-resolution microscopy method also called dSTORM.
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  • STED Publication List

    It is already 20 years ago that STED microscopy was first described by Stephan Hell. In the meantime it has become an important tool to study subcellular structures beyond the diffraction limit. This reference list gives an overview about the technological development of STED nanoscopy and also shows selected publications performed on a Leica STED instrument.
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