Leica Science Lab - Tag : AFM https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/tag/tags/afm/show/Tag/ Article tagged with AFM en-US https://www.leica-microsystems.com/24967 Digital Microscopy Surface Metrology Quality Assurance Automated topographic analysis with the Leica Map software Watch this video to learn how you can save time when doing topographic analysis using the Leica Map software. The software allows you to go quickly from automated analysis of multiple sets of acquired topographic data to the reporting of precise results. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/for-rapid-accurate-reporting-of-results/ Wed, 08 May 2019 22:00:00 +0000 M.S. Albert S. Laforet, PhD James DeRose https://www.leica-microsystems.com/18876 Super-Resolution Abstracts of the 6th European Super-Resolution User-Club Meeting The 6th European Super-Resolution User Club Meeting was held in collaboration with Dr. Timo Zimmermann, CRG, and Dr. Pablo Loza-Alvarez, ICFO, Barcelona. According to the founding principle of the club of keeping close to science, both imaging facilities at the CRG and the ICFO opened their doors to the User Club members, allowing them to explore exciting super-resolution and and nanoscopy applications. The meeting agenda covered highly relevant talks around this year’s central theme “Core Facilities and Super-Resolution Microscopy”, as well as plenty of opportunities to network amongst super-resolution users from different European countries. Here we present the abstracts of the talks held during the meeting. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/abstracts-of-the-6th-european-super-resolution-user-club-meeting/ Tue, 18 Oct 2016 08:59:00 +0000 Dr. Timo Zimmermann, Dr. Pablo Loza-Alvarez, Dr. Alberto Lleó, Dr. Gražvydas Lukinavicius, Prof. Philip Tinnefeld, Prof. Hans-Georg Kräusslich, Dr. Steffen Dietzel, Dr. Valeria Caiolfa, Lorenzo Albertazzi https://www.leica-microsystems.com/18088 Super-Resolution Translation Microscopy (TRAM) for Super-Resolution Imaging Super-resolution microscopy is transforming our understanding of biology but accessibility is limited by its technical complexity, high costs and the requirement for bespoke sample preparation. We present a novel, simple and multi-color super-resolution microscopy technique, called translation microscopy (TRAM), in which a super-resolution image is restored from multiple diffraction-limited resolution observations using a conventional microscope whilst translating the sample in the image plane. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/translation-microscopy-tram-for-super-resolution-imaging/ Fri, 22 Jul 2016 17:51:00 +0000 https://www.leica-microsystems.com/18184 EM Sample Preparation Cross Sectioning of Rubber (Tire) Application Note for Leica EM TIC 3X - Ion beam slope cutting is a method that can achieve cross sections of soft materials or material combinations consisting of hard and soft components. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/cross-sectioning-of-rubber-tire/ Tue, 14 Jun 2016 10:30:00 +0000 PhD Wolfgang Grünewald https://www.leica-microsystems.com/13105 Surface Metrology Digital Microscopy An Innovative Non-contact Method to Determine Surface Free Energy on Micro-areas Surface free energy (SFE) is a property which depends on the chemical state and roughness of the surface and it is necessary to develop a reliable method to evaluate SFE value on a small area, taking into account these two different contributions. Today contact angle methods are the most used and they allow to evaluate the global mean value of SFE on areas of mm2 size. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/an-innovative-non-contact-method-to-determine-surface-free-energy-on-micro-areas/ Mon, 28 Apr 2014 16:41:00 +0000 https://www.leica-microsystems.com/5728 EM Sample Preparation Biological Electron Microscopy The Electron Microscopy (EM) laboratory in the School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Durham University is an integral part of a wider facility spanning a range of advanced imaging tools (laser scanning and spinning disc confocal microscopes, TIRF microscopy and live cell imaging) as well as an ultra high resolution (<0.5nm) field emission in-lens scanning electron microscope (Hitachi S5200) and a routine transmission EM with high tilt stage for tomography (Hitachi H7600). https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/biological-electron-microscopy/ Thu, 10 Jan 2013 23:00:00 +0000 Dr. Martin W. Goldberg https://www.leica-microsystems.com/5723 EM Sample Preparation Atomic Force Microscopy Study of a Stretched Impact Copolymer Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a powerful tool in the suite of nanoscale characterization techniques that provides a variety of information including topography, mechanical properties, and electrical properties with nanoscale lateral and sub-nanometer vertical resolution. Cryoultramicrotomy is an essential tool for effective polymer sample preparation for atomic force microscopy (AFM) in order to get rid of the polymer skin from processing and to ensure a smooth surface for analysis. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/atomic-force-microscopy-study-of-a-stretched-impact-copolymer/ Mon, 10 Dec 2012 23:00:00 +0000 Dr. Dalia G. Yablon, Jean Grabowski, Andy Haishung Tsou