Leica Science Lab - Tag : Comparison Macroscope https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/tag/tags/comparison-macroscope/show/Tag/ Article tagged with Comparison Macroscope en-US https://www.leica-microsystems.com/14156 Forensics 125 Years of Comparison Microscopy – From the "camera lucida" to the Automated Comparison Bridge To be able to optically compare two objects with scientific accuracy, it must be possible to view them at the same time. This is particularly true for comparing small objects that can only be visualized with the aid of an optical magnification system. If you only have one microscope and have to look at the objects alternately, you need an excellent memory and can never rule out the risk of judgment errors, especially when examining objects with only minor differences in structure, color or profile. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/forensics/125-years-of-comparison-microscopy-from-the-camera-lucida-to-the-automated-comparison-bridge/ Tue, 12 Aug 2014 09:11:00 +0000 Rolf Beck https://www.leica-microsystems.com/8389 Forensics Stereo Microscopy Every Clue Counts – Forensics Inconceivable Without Microscopy There is no crime without clues. They may be obvious, like a cartridge case at the scene of the crime or clear signs of crowbar damage on a door. But sometimes, clues are microscopically small. Besides the classic fingerprints, perpetrators also leave hairs or fiber traces. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/forensics/every-clue-counts-forensics-inconceivable-without-microscopy/ Wed, 06 Mar 2013 23:00:00 +0000 M. A. Janika Wiesner