Leica Science Lab - Tag : Insects https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/tag/tags/insects/show/Tag/ Article tagged with Insects en-US https://www.leica-microsystems.com/15702 Stereo Microscopy New Predatory Cockroaches (Insecta: Blattaria: Manipulatoridae fam.n.) from the Upper Cretaceous Myanmar Amber We describe a new extinct lineage Manipulatoridae (new family) of cockroaches from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) amber of Myanmar. Manipulator modificaputis gen. et sp. n. is a morphologically unique extinct cockroach that represents the first (of a total of 29 known worldwide) cockroach family reported exclusively from the Myanmar amber. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/new-predatory-cockroaches-insecta-blattaria-manipulatoridae-famn-from-the-upper-cretaceous-myanmar-amber/ Wed, 14 Oct 2015 16:22:00 +0000 https://www.leica-microsystems.com/9571 Forensics In the Catacombs of the Capuchin Monastery in Palermo It has always been a deeply rooted human need to give life a meaning after death. At the end of the 16th century, the friars of the Capuchin monastery in Palermo, Italy, began preserving corpses by embalming them. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/forensics/in-the-catacombs-of-the-capuchin-monastery-in-palermo/ Thu, 02 May 2013 12:51:00 +0000 M. A. Janika Wiesner, Dipl. Biol. Kristina Baumjohann, Dr. Mark Benecke, M. A. Jörg Scheidt