Leica Science Lab - Tag : Microwave https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/tag/tags/microwave/show/Tag/ Article tagged with Microwave en-US https://www.leica-microsystems.com/18207 EM Sample Preparation Picea abies (L.) KARST - Sample Preparation for TEM Application Note for Leica EM AMW - Plants (5-years old) were grown in pots filled with soil and kept in greenhouse conditions. Five weeks before harvesting the plants were transferred into growth chambers and cultivated at a temperature of 20°C during daytime and 12°C overnight. The relative humidity was set at 60% and the photoactive radiation was 500 μmol m-2 s-1 during daytime. Sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was performed in order to develop a standard protocol that would reduce sample preparation time for TEM-investigations. Therefore the overall and fine structure of leaf cells prepared with the Leica EM AMW were compared with leaf cells that were prepared with a conventional fixation protocol at room temperature. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/picea-abies-l-karst-sample-preparation-for-tem/ Mon, 23 Jan 2017 19:24:00 +0000 Prof. Bernd Zechmann, Prof. Günther Zellnig https://www.leica-microsystems.com/10717 EM Sample Preparation Rapid Immunohistochemical Diagnosis of Tobacco Mosaic Virus Disease by Microwave-assisted Plant Sample Preparation Immunoelectron microscopy is a powerful method to diagnose viral diseases and to study the distribution of the viral agent within plant cells and tissues. Nevertheless, current protocols for the immunological detection of viral diseases with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in plants take between 3 and 6 days and are therefore not suited for rapid diagnosis of virus diseases in plants. In this study, we describe a method that allows rapid cytohistochemical detection of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in leaves of tobacco plants. https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/rapid-immunohistochemical-diagnosis-of-tobacco-mosaic-virus-disease-by-microwave-assisted-plant-sample-preparation/ Wed, 16 Oct 2013 20:36:00 +0000 Prof. Günther Zellnig, Stefan Möstl, Prof. Bernd Zechmann https://www.leica-microsystems.com/10998 EM Sample Preparation Microwave Assisted Rapid Diagnosis of Plant Virus Diseases by Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigations of ultrastructural changes induced by viruses are often necessary to clearly identify viral diseases in plants. With conventional sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) such investigations can take several days and are therefore not suited for a rapid diagnosis of plant virus diseases. Microwave fixation can be used to drastically reduce sample preparation time for TEM investigations with similar ultrastructural results as observed after conventionally sample preparation https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/microwave-assisted-rapid-diagnosis-of-plant-virus-diseases-by-transmission-electron-microscopy/ Fri, 14 Oct 2011 03:28:00 +0000 Prof. Bernd Zechmann, Prof. Günther Zellnig