"The Leica Digital Light Sheet Module – a Clever Example of Thinking Out of the Box"

Video Interview with Bram van den Broek, The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)


Bram van den Broek is a postdoctoral fellow at the Netherlands cancer institute in Amsterdam where he supports the advanced microscopy techniques in the laboratory of Kees Jalink. His main project is developing a fast single image frequency domain FLIM technique. But he is also involved in many other research projects, such as super-resolution imaging of receptor clustering to better understand cancer or high content microscopy screens in search for siRNAs or compounds that induce cell death in cancer cells. He likes the platform principle of the Leica TCS SP8 as it allows to develop the microscopy with upcoming demands. In his opinion, the Leica TCS SP8 DLS light sheet module, which can be retrofitted to an inverted confocal microscope, is a clever example of thinking out of the box. Working with Leica Microsystems as a collaboration partner for beta-testing of microscopes he enjoys very much and praised the open and direct communication.

YouTube video by Leica Microsystems, August, 2015

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