The Role of Multidisciplinary Surgical Microscopes

With new technologies, Operating Rooms (OR) have become increasingly complex. This complexity sometimes impacts turnover times, which in turn impacts OR efficiency and productivity. In this context, surgeons and staff can be under pressure.

The Colombia University Data Science Institute released a study in December 2018 showing that surgeons under stress make more mistakes in the Operating Room. During stressful moments, surgeons make up to 66% more mistakes on patients.

Another study on stress in the operating room looking at perceived stress of Operating Room nurses and technologists reveals that the highest impact stressful event was “pressure to work more quickly.” The authors suggest that making changes to the OR environment could minimize the impact of stressful events and thereby improve job satisfaction and minimize nursing staff turnover.



The benefits of multidisciplinary surgical microscopes: improving communication and teamwork in the operating room

Multidisciplinary surgical microscopes are designed to simply fit different types of surgical activities, environments and OR teams with different experiences. In this sense, they help to reduce complexity for optimized surgical workflows.

Multidisciplinary microscopes offer several benefits improving operation room efficiency including ease of set-up, use and positioning; the ability to change quickly from one procedure to another and minimal interruptions and disruptions. They also support closer collaboration between disciplines.

Multidisciplinary surgical microscopes also allow maximization of utilization and investment. A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery has shown that standardization of operative equipment can result in a significant cost reduction without impacting quality or delivery of care.

PROvido, the multidisciplinary microscope by Leica Microsystems setting a new standard in Operating Rooms

PROvido is the next generation multidisciplinary microsurgery microscope for ENT, Plastic & Reconstructive and Spine Surgery.

With its premium FusionOptics technology, the microscope enables surgeons and their assistants to see more in one fully focused view to seamlessly progress through surgery. In addition, PROvido is designed for an efficient set-up and workflow, thanks to its extremely lightweight and versatile floor stand.

The optics are fast to set up and adjust. As such, surgeons can quickly and effortlessly get into their ideal operating position and start working. Smart illumination options minimize interruptions and support patient safety.

PROvido accommodates different operating conditions and positions. The large 600mm working distance possibility is especially advantageous for easy maneuvering and passing of long instruments in spine surgeries.

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