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Camera Technology

Digital cameras play a vital role in modern microscope systems. Nowadays digital cameras have even begun to replace oculars in some digital microscopesMicroscope cameras serve users across a broad range of application fields and capture the data that form the basis of further analyses. The microscope optics determine the formation of the image which is then projected onto the camera sensor. So the optics are responsible for the quality of the image that reaches the sensor, while the camera is responsible for the accurate digitization and documentation. The camera must be carefully matched to the microscope and application to ensure the image is accurately captured by the sensor, be it for brightfield or fluorescence imaging.

  • Towards Digital Photon Counting Cameras for Single-molecule Optical Nanoscopy

    A SPAD array camera with single-photon sensitivity and zero read-out noise allows for the detection of extremely weak signals at ultra-fast imaging speeds. With temporal resolution in the order of micro-seconds, a SPAD array camera offers great potential for live-cell imaging with super-resolution.
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  • Digital Camera Technologies for Scientific Bio-Imaging

    This four-part series of articles published in Microscopy and Analysis covers the factors to consider in choosing a camera among CCD, EMCCD, and scientific-grade CMOS camera technologies for biological imaging applications. The differences among the sensor architectures and the impact of parameters such as pixel size, noise, and QE on signal-to-noise performance, image quality, and Nyquist sampling are considered.
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