Video Interviews with Kees Jalink

10 years of Leica Super-Resolution Innovation: Kees Jalink, The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), speaks about the benefits of 3D GSDIM microscopy for his cancer research

Kees Jalink's group at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, explores signal transduction pathways and cell adhesion processes in cancer cells by mainly utilizing modern light microscopy techniques. During this interview Kees points out the special benefit of super resolution for his field of interest in a very simple statement: "If you see more, you are able to understand more." However he wants to transport his philosophy of proofing the visual data, gathered by super resolution microscopy, with a biochemical approach: "As soon as the super-resolution stuff gets routine, you still have to do all the hard work in biochemistry to proof that, that is really true what you think you are seeing." Talking about the rise of super resolution microscopy he tells us he has been surprised heavily. After testing other systems, he end up with the super-resolution system Leica SR GSD 3D and saw "things that you would never believe". In his eyes especially the new three-dimensional nanoscopic view of the relevant structure of interest is an essential feature to get the full picture. Mentioning the cytoskeleton as an example he makes clear that understanding the cell means to create a 3D picture of it. Thereby an optimal sample preparation is a crucial factor of success, he stresses. Talking about the future the biophysicist promises super-resolution microscopy to have a great impact: "we want to see things more clearly, we want to explore things that we can't see with a normal microscope." As a final point he comments on his more than 15 years old collaboration with Leica Microsystems: "Leica listens to the customer and then actually takes actions on your suggestions."



YouTube video by Leica Microsystems, June, 2014

During a visit at Kees Jalink’s lab in 2013, he and and Leila Nahidi Azar talked about their very first experiences with the Leica SR GSD 3D to study the cytoskeleton of cancer cells:

YouTube video by Leica Microsystems, September, 2013

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