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Video Talk by Daniel Choquet: Our brain, this black box

What happens in your brain when you learn something ? When you store a memory ? In this informative and fascinating talk, Daniel Choquet shares some of the most recent findings regarding those brain functions. Light makes it possible to see what is inside the powerful black box that is the brain, and opens new paths for fighting brain dysfunctions.

Initially an engineer, Daniel Choquet became a neuroscientist out of his fascination for this black box that accomplishes so many incredible functions: the human brain. His worked has evidenced the mobility of neurotransmitters, which may be at play in the brain storage process. A property that may help understanding better, even curing, brain dysfunctions such as Alzheimer’s diseases. Daniel Choquet is a highly recognized scientist, member of the French Academy of Sciences.


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Video by TEDx, April 2015


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