Video: Traumatic Soft and Hard Tissue Wound on the Maxillary Anterior with Microscope Assisted Rehabilitation

Achieving esthetic excellence with a multidisciplinary approach

The concept of minimal intervention dentistry became a primary approach to treat carious lesions. These days, this concept could be adapted to manage soft tissue around the teeth and implants as a minimally invasive technique.

“Using Leica microscopes, this minimally invasive technique helps to achieve satisfying esthetic results as well as best health outcomes which more and more patients desire over conventional techniques”, says Dr Takuya Satoh, DDS, PhD, Owner of the Dental Implant Center of Osaka, Japan.

In the following video, we show a case of traumatic soft and hard tissue wound on the maxillary anterior and its rehabilitation. The patient was a 22 year-old women, and her chief complaint was severe aesthetic disorder because of her trauma. She lost two incisor teeth as well as tissue and bone around the teeth.

“The video shows the treatment sequence we carried out,” Dr. Satoh explains. “Especially in our papillae reconstruction technique, we use the Leica M320 microscope to achieve a much more elegant flap design. With this microscope, it was also easy to record videos, and get a bright surgical field. This is very important in dentistry because of the limited access in the oral cavity.”


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