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Video Tutorial: STED Parameters and STED Deconvolution

Deconvolution of STED Images with Huygens Pushes the Resolution Even Further

Scientific Volume Imaging has a leading role in deconvolution with the Huygens STED deconvolution option, that takes the specific properties of the STED PSF into account. Huygens is compatible with data from pulsed, CW, and CW-gated STED systems, and reads the microscopic parameters automatically from these Leica LIF files. Most recently, Huygens is also able to handle data from the novel Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X, which can obtain super-resolution in both lateral (x,y) and axial (z) directions.

This STED deconvolution tutorial presents the different STED parameters, and demonstrates how Huygens gets more detail out of your STED images.


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Tutorial on how STED parameters are set and edited and STED images are deconvolved using Huygens software