"We can go home and the imaging is done automatically by the Leica HCS A Matrix Screener."

Leica Microsystems meets Science – Video interview with Jutta Bulkescher


Jutta Maria Bulkescher is the technical coordinator in the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research and Danish Stem Cell Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Leica HCS A matrix screener is an invaluable tool for her facility. "It just gives us the biggest and easiest flexibility we can have to set up different imaging paramters and to check different conditions on one multi-well plate", explains Bulkescher. The matrix screener allows to define exactly to which position to go and to set up specific imaging parameters for each region. Templates for different kinds of experiments can be saved and reused in later experiments. "We can go home and the imaging is done automatically. So this saved us a lot of time and effort", explains Bulkescher. The matrix screener gives great flexibility in setting every single parameter. However, according to Jutta Bulkescher, people tend to get lost in this huge variety of adjustable settings. "Some people think that they have to adjust every single parameter. But in principle it’s a very easy to use and handle software [...]. And we are very happy that we have this flexibility." Bulkescher is very pleased about the collaboration with Leica Microsystems and that Leica gave her the possibility to find a solution in the software for her own special application – finding, classifying and segmenting particular structures and cells.

YouTube video by Leica Microsystems, August, 2014

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