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Webinar: "Flash-and-Freeze" Time-resolved Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy only captures a static image of a cell. What is the cell doing? What is the true sequence of events in a cellular process? We can make flip books from our micrographs that tell a story, but their arrangement can be influenced by the story we want to tell. With the advent of optogenetic tools a flash of light can trigger dynamic cellular events such as neurotransmission. By coupling a flash of light with rapid high-pressure freezing, regulated vesicle fusion and subsequent vesicle recycling at synapses can be visualized.

In this webinar, we will give a brief background on optogenetics and sample preparation for electron microscopy. We will then discuss the development of the "flash-and-freeze" fixation method and potential applications of the technique.


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Eric Jørgensen

Distinguished Professor
Department of Biology
University of Utah

Shigeki Watanabe

Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Utah