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Webinar: Introduction to Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)

As science is driving the demand for nanoscale resolution and characterization, electron microscopy continues to evolve from an imaging to an analytical and diffraction tool with latest instrument and detector advances.

Sample preparation has hence become a critical factor for many such investigations which allow researchers to characterize cellular and nano structures in the field of life sciences, without introducing artefacts or distorting the originality of sample which could impair the scientific investigation.

The lecture will provide an overview of the latest advances in Cryo CLEM, which acts as a powerful interface by combining the best of the light and electron microscopy worlds to overcome their independent barriers and determine the location of fluorescent labelled structures within the landscape of an electron micrograph and showcase how Cryo CLEM adds additional value to quantitative 3D imaging and tomography.


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Andreas Nowak

Sales Manager Nanotechnology
Leica Microsystems