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Webinar: Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fluorescence microscopy has proven to be an invaluable tool in investigating the distribution, interaction and dynamics of molecular processes within cells, tissues or whole organisms. By fluorescently tagging proteins, specific DNA sequences or other molecules of interest it is possible to study their behavior within their natural environment in vivo.

While fluorescence microscopy becomes an increasingly important technique for scientists from all fields across the life sciences it remains mandatory to use instrumentation with highest sensitivity, speed, resolution and flexibility in order to fully explore the potentials of this constantly evolving technique.

In this seminar we will provide an overview about the latest advances in fluorescence microscopy. You will learn how you can use widefield and confocal microscopes to help you understand life’s questions down to tiny details, at high speed and state-of-the-art image quality both in living and fixed samples.


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Daniel Smeets, PhD

Application Specialist Confocal Microscopy EMEA
Leica Microsystems