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Webinar on Demand: High Pressure Freezing With Leica EM ICE - The Tool For Understanding Dynamic Processes

High pressure freezing is the only sample preparation technique that preserves aqueous samples in their close‐to‐native state. Combining this method with light stimulation enables the visualization of highly-dynamic processes as well as structural changes of photosensitive samples at nanometer resolution and with millisecond precision.

The latest innovations in high pressure freezing allow researchers in life sciences and industry to reach for the answers to questions impossible to address before.


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In this webinar on demand, you will learn about:

  • Features and applications of the  Leica EM ICE high pressure freezer with light stimulation, emphasizing the physics and technical solutions behind the user interface
  • parameters of dwell time, pressure and temperature correlation, and how they are measured and what the displayed data means
  • How light stimulation is synchronized with the freezing process to give you millisecond precision in your experiments


Dr. Paul Wurzinger, Project Manager Leica Microsystems (left) 

Dr. Cveta Tomova, Product Manager Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Paul Wurzinger

Project Manager
Leica Microsystems

Dr. Cveta Tomova

Product Manager
Leica Microsystems