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Webinar: STED Nanoscopy in Combination with Optical Clearing Reveals Localization of Slit Diaphragm Proteins in the Kidney

Wednesday, November 23th, 2016

When applying super-resolution imaging methods, excellent sample preparation is critical in order to assess correct information at the nanoscale. When working with tissue samples, background autofluorescence can make it hard to meet these highly set demands.

In this webinar, we show that optical clearing drastically increases the signal-to-noise ratio and staining quality, thus enabling STED nanoscopy of the subtlest elements of the kidney. In this way we show that optical clearing is not only a sample preparation technique to consider when imaging large mm-scale samples, but could also be fruitful when imaging at the nanoscale. Furthermore, the increased transparency of the optically cleared sample enables volumetric 3D STED imaging at sub-diffraction-limited resolution.


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David Unnersjö-Jess

Science for Life Laboratory
Department of Applied Physics, Royal Institute of Technology