What do you Call a Drosophila who Likes to Drink? A Bar Fly!

Long hours under the microscope are no joking matter

The thought of a Drosophoila headed to the local bar for a drink creates a funny joke, but after long hours of sorting flies under a microscope that causes eyestrain or neck pain, you may be the one that wants to head to the local bar for a drink!

Unfortunately most users do not know why they experience discomfort when using a stereo microscope. Users who have several microscopes to choose from in a lab or in a manufacturing inspection setting simply sit down and use the preferred microscope. They tell their co-workers that they like to use one over another but they cannot explain why.

While preference may be for something such as ergonomics, a common cause is simple: one requires eyes to rotate inward and the other allows the eyes to relax and look through the microscope “straight on.”



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Tjepkema M

What do you Call a Drosophila who Likes to Drink? A Bar Fly!

W. Nushbaum, Inc., September, 2015

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