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Peace of Mind

For Maximum Protection Extended Warranty

Choose your Extended Warranty coverage along with your microscope and get long-lasting peace of mind.

With an Extended Warranty package, you can focus on your work with full confidence that your instrument will support you for years to come. When you purchase an instrument from the product lines listed below you can extend the standard warranty and further protect your investment. The extended coverage can solely be obtained, when purchased in conjunction with one of the eligible instruments and only at the initial purchase date of the instrument.

Choose a package to extend warranty up to a total of 3 or 5 years from the date of purchase. An Extended Warranty package gives you full warranty coverage for budgetary control for years and complete protection.

Your benefits

  • Maximum protection for your instrument for years to come
  • Long-lasting peace of mind so you can simply focus on your work
  • Full warranty coverage right from the start
This offer applies to selected instruments of the DM100-1000 series, EZ4 line, M-line and S-line products. Certain products and services may not be available in all countries. Please contact your Leica Microsystems representative for availability in your region.
Extended Warranty for Leica Microscopes

Key Features

For Stereo Microscopes

Extended Warranty applies to selected instruments of EZ4 line, M-line and S-line series:

  • A60, M50, M60
  • ES2, EZ4, EZ4 E, EZ4 W
  • S9 series, S4E, S6, S6D, S6E, S8 APO

For Light & Digital Microscopes

Extended Warranty applies to selected instruments of DM100-1000 series:

  • DM100, DM300, DM500, DM750, DM750 M, DM750 P, DM1000
  • DMi1
  • DMS300