Learn more about glass slide scanning and digital slide hosting solutions today*

Slide Scanning and Hosting Solutions

Create a Digital Classroom which is more interactive and engaging for your students by putting your slides online!

  • Move the image from the microscope eyepieces to your PC with Streaming Technology
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom through online hosting and Multiple Student Access which is available 24/7
  • Check Students’ Work digitally to quicken review of their progress
  • Reduce student training time on microscopy with Easy Navigation using the simple icons

Currently, the Glass Slide Scanning and Digital eSlide Hosting solutions are only available in the United States. Contact your local representative on availability for your country.

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Glass Slide Scanning

Preserve the quality of whole slides and give your students a complete viewing experience outside of the lab.

More Learning Time: Slide Scanning

Document your complete specimen slides in high resolution with our Scanning Service

The Slide Scanning Service provides high resolution digital files of your complete specimen slides, protecting their educational value for generations to come.

Simply send your slides to our Scanning Center. We will scan the slides to your specifications using the same scanning technology used  by pathologists worldwide. You and your students will benefit from our many years of experience in this area.

Whole Slide Scan

The complete slide can be scanned at a selection of magnifications for the best detailed viewing.

Fast Turnaround

Our scanning process is designed for quick, safe return of your slides.

Free Viewer

Images are returned with a basic image viewer for easy navigation of the field of view.

Easy Download

You can either download your images from our secure FTP site or we will host them for you!

More Learning Time: Slide Hosting

Multiple students can simultaneously access and annotate your high resolution slide images using our Slide Hosting Membership

The Slide Hosting Membership frees up your local IT resources and memory space while giving you a platform  to create interactive learning experiences. This web-based environment increases learning time by allowing multiple students to simultaneously access, navigate, and annotate the images from anywhere internet access is available.

Many of our customers choose to make their images public, which means you can use images beyond your own library. Go to www.slidehosting.com and login as a guest to experiment with the annotation and navigation tools using WebScope (our web based viewer) or download and try ImageScope (our PC based viewer for Windows) which has some additional functionality by completing the form below.

Streaming Technology

On screen image reaction to navigation controls is immediate, keeping students attentive and on task.

Multiple Student Access

Several hundred students can access images at the same time for flexible study time outside the classroom lab.

Check Students' Work

Students can email their annotations to the teacher in advance of the lab session which saves time.

Easy Navigation

Simple icons for change of magnification, annotation, and intuitive X/Y movement minimizes training time.