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Letting minds meet … anywhere.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the carriers of modern networked knowledge. Our Wi-Fi Education solutions liberate you from device or location, and give unlimited access to knowledge. It only takes a microscope, a wireless camera and an App to let minds meet anywhere.

Go Wi-Fi! With the Leica EZ4 W stereo microscope with integrated Wi-Fi camera and the Leica ICC50 W Wi-Fi camera for compound microscopes and the AirTeach software that turns your microscopy laboratory into a digital classroom.

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Your advantages

  • Wireless HD images for best image quality
  • Up to 5.0 MP capture resolution for best documentation
  • Choice of modes (Wi-Fi, USB, SD, Ethernet) for more flexibility
  • HDMI output always available for large screen projection
  • CapSense controls for durability and reliability
  • Camera powered from the microscope, saving cost and infrastructure
  • Personal smartphones or tablets in class to save equipment cost

WIFI Products 3

Leica EZ4 W & EZ4 E

Stereo microscope for college and university education with 8x to 35x magnification, 7-way LED illumination, and integrated camera

Leica ICC50 W & ICC50 E

Cameras for Compound Microscopes

Get the Leica AirLab App

  • Download the Leica AirLab App free of charge
  • Switch on the camera
  • Capture images and videos in HD quality
  • Simply use it with your smartphone or tablet
  • View live thumbnail images of all connected cameras and microscopes in class

With intuitive touchscreen control, students and peers can measure, annotate, and archive images. Also they can share work results with just a few taps.

Interactive Microscopy Class with the AirTeach Software

The AirTeach software changes the way you teach. It allows you to digitally share microscopy images from various microscope sources.

Share, discuss, compare

Learning becomes inspiring and interactive as students feel more engaged when sharing, discussing, and comparing their findings with the whole class.

Empowering teachers

The AirTeach software bares a lot of functions to assist teachers in their daily challenges in microscopy classes.

With the AirTeach teachers can

  • see a thumbnail overview with live images of all connected microscopes in class  
  • share up to four images on a large screen projection to allow a comparison 
  • switch on other content  with the AirClass sharing function to vary teaching and keep students’ attention
  • walk freely in the room to give students individual attention  while controlling the students’ images 
  • annotate a selected image live in front of the whole class watching

Experience a new dynamic in class

Use personal devices and stay connected

Allow your students to use their own laptops, tablets or smartphones. With learning content transferred directly to their devices, you can engage them more easily and promote team work: Your students can share results, work together and network wherever they are.

"For the presentation of blood smears and cytological samples, the wireless microscope camera for use with mobile devices would make our teaching much easier. The captured images can be acquired easily by multiple students, annotated, and then shared among the students and with the professor or classroom instructor."

Prof. Dr. Andreas Moritz, Klinische Laboratoriums Diagnostik, Justus–Liebig–Universität, Giessen, Germany

Keep students on task and increase attention

Replace the blackboard with the students’ tablets and enable them to learn in a digital environment that is already part of their lives. The Leica AirLab App makes learning as well as teaching fun and easy.

"With the wireless microscope camera, the students can capture images of what they have actually observed with the microscope, make annotations, and send them back to the professor or classroom instructor for evaluation."

Dr. Philippe Bruyant, Maître de Conférences, Département de Biologie, Université de Rouen, France

Maximize learning time and minimize setup time

Class time is precious. Save set-up and dismantling time. From now on you only need one power cord for each microscope and you`re good to go!

"As the designer of all new labs at Earth Observatory Singapore, I would definitely incorporate this technology in any future labs using microscopes. The wireless camera system is much easier to setup than the current one used in our microscope lab."

Dorinda Ostermann, Technical Director of the Geochemical Laboratories, Earth Observatory Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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