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Iron and Steel

Your role in the Iron and Steel industry is specialized and requires individualized microscope solutions to help you inspect, analyze or document microstructure development, composition and mechanical properties. Research and assess quality and performance through inspection of inclusions, defects, corrosion or other potential failures while reducing strain from repetitive tasks using these ergonomic imaging systems.

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Research & Development

See and analyze more microstructure detail while improving metallurgy workflow efficiency with advanced microscopy solutions for the Iron and Steel industry by additional contrasting techiques and state-of-the-art 0.7x Macro objective. Offering the most versatile imaging solutions for research and development, Leica Microsystems provides high resolution optics, easy-to-use software and intelligent automation with a wide range of advanced and ergonomic microscopy options.

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

Experience the efficiency and reliability of powerful workflow automation and the ability to quickly capture and analyze microstructures. Leica Microsystems' Iron and Steel microscopes for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs help reduce the time it takes inspection and documentation without compromising the optical quality you need to see every detail.

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