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Metals and Machine Engineering

Your work in Metals and Machine Engineering requires microscope imaging solutions to help you assemble, inspect, measure, analyze, and document your results while ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Improve production efficiency and reduce muscle strain from repetitive tasks with Leica Microsystems' ergonomically-designed, affordable microscopes.

Learn more about our microscope solutions for high quality imaging and analysis in the Metals and Machine Engineering industry.

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Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscopy solutions for metals and machine engineering.

Research & Development

For the wide range of Metals and Machine Engineering Research & Development (R&D) tasks in your work, Leica Microsystems offers the microscopes, measurement and surface analysis tools, and image analysis software you need to effectively manage your experiments, tests, and projects, as well as quality and productivity requirements.


Machine Engineering assembly microscope solutions from Leica Microsystems provide you with imaging tools that ensure ergonomics, accuracy and speed to maximize productivity and optimize quality end results.


Metals and Machine Engineering Inspection microscopy solutions from Leica Microsystems provide you the ability to find defects with comfort and accuracy. With a large breadth of configured and configurable solutions, Leica Microsystems helps you meet your exact application and budget needs.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory

Metals and Machine Engineering Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance microscope solutions from Leica Microsystems offer you the innovative tools and intuitive operation you need to ensure optimal results are achieved. Easy documentation of grain sizing as well as other application needs help maximize productivity and generate results.

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Digital Color Camera with 3 Megapixel for Fast and Easy Documentation

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LED Multi Contrast Illumination for Routine Stereo Microscopes