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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Electronics Manufacturing

No matter supplier or device manufacturer, the interest of Leica Microsystems is to provide you with customized, modular imaging solutions that fulfill your requirements. We want to help you achieve fast and accurate inspection and rework, analysis and measurement, and assembly of PCBs to maintain or improve their performance.

To show agreement with the defined specifications, reliable documentation is always a must. At the same time, imaging systems which also can assist with development of new PCBs and components are preferable, as innovation is always on your mind. Below you will see some examples of how our imaging solutions work toward your benefit.

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Less wasted motion, more efficient inspection

We would like to help your team improve its efficiency and productivity during inspection. One way is to reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks, such as frequent adjustments of imaging settings or moving of the PCB, to save yourself time.

Imaging systems enabling you to see a larger overview (field of view) of the PCB and then easily zoom in on something of interest for more detail allow faster inspection. Our modular microscope systems can deliver these advantages. Refer to the examples shown.

Inspect more effectively with less imaging adjustment

You can inspect PCBs more efficiently with a stereo imaging system producing images with a larger depth in-focus (depth of field) and better resolution compared to conventional systems.

Our modular stereo microscopes deliver such images of PCBs minimizing the need to further adjust the optics once in focus thanks to technologies like Leica FusionOptics.

Report: FusionOptics – Combines high resolution and depth of field for ideal 3D optical Images

Leica FusionOptics

  1. Two separate beam paths
  2. One beampath provides depth of field
  3. The other beam path provides high resolution
  4. The two images are merged into a single, optimal spatial image by the brain

See more detail in less time, diverse contrast methods and top-grade optics

Our aim is help you inspect PCBs rapidly and precisely by visualizing with less effort difficult-to-image PCB components or regions. Soldering, through holes, and components all have a critical effect on the PCB performance and reliability and must be checked. Our modular imaging systems can help you achieve faster inspection due to multiple contrast methods from versatile illumination and maximally corrected, high performance optics.

For more efficient and accurate inspection of PCBs, the right illumination gives a dramatic advantage. The type of lighting influences dramatically the image contrast and level of detail easily observed. 

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Electronics Manufacturing Products 14

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Leica LED5000 NVI

Leica LED5000 NVI

Extremely high-performance LED vertical illuminator for recesses and holes

Leica LED3000 DI

Leica LED3000 DI

Diffuse illumination with movable illumination shield

Daylight quality, 6500K color temperature illumination allows user to see structures in their true colors.

Leica LED5000 MCI

Multi contrast illumination system with integrated arches for daylight quality

Leica LED5000 CXI: Daylight quality, 6500K color temperature illumination allows user to see structures in their true colors.

Leica LED5000 CXI

Coaxial Illumination System with integrated LED’s for observation of glossy surfaces

Top-class optics for PCB & Electronics manufacturing

For efficient PCB inspection and rework, top-performing optics producing distortion free images make a big difference. Leica Microsystems has designed and produced award-winning optics for our imaging systems. Optics can suffer from 2 types of aberration which must be corrected:

  • monochromatic (independent of the light’s wavelength [color]), such as astigmatism, coma, and field curvature
  • chromatic (dependent on the light’s wavelength).

Our optical designers and engineers design optics that enable you to visualize PCBs with optimal contrast and resolution. More details: Leica objective lenses and optics.

Analysis of PCBs with practical software, efficient quality control and documentation

Save time when doing analysis and documentation of PCBs during inspection and failure analysis with our practical, intuitive imaging software and encoded optics.

Analysis during inspection and quality control of PCBs helps to minimize or eliminate deviations from the specifications and avoid defective products.

For new PCBs, often your designs must be optimized to ensure optimal performance and efficient production. So having many documented results to reference quickly becomes invaluable.

The PCB image analysis example shows measurements in 2D and 3D made using intuitive software Leica Application Suite (LAS) X.