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As one of the market leaders in microscopy, Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of solutions for Industry, Life Science Research, Forensics, Education/Academia, and customers working in QC/QA, R&D and Production.

Whether you’re looking for a classical light or stereo microscope/macroscope, a digital microscope, an advanced super-resolution system, or even sample preparation solutions for electron microscopy, our configurable systems can address almost every application.

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Find the right solution for your industrial application

Leica Microsystems offers solutions for various industries. Our focus is to support our customers pursuit of the highest quality results by providing the best and most innovative imaging systems for their needs to see, measure and analyze microstructures.

Our portfolio consists of digital microscopes that are perfectly suited for automation and intuitive handling, as well as classical light and stereo microscopes in a wide range of configurations to cover almost every application.

We offer:

  • Stereo Microscopes & Macroscopes

  • Microscope Software

  • Microscope Cameras

  • Digital Microscopes

  • Light Microscopes

Find the right solution for your life science research

Our strong focus on understanding scientific applications puts Leica Microsystems’ customers at the leading edge of life science research, with thousands of citations in peer-reviewed journals.

Our imaging portfolio provides researchers with advanced innovation and technical expertise for the visualization, measurement and analysis of microstructures and nanostructures.

We offer:

  • Microscope Software, Cameras & Objectives

  • Stereo Microscopes and Macroscopes

  • EM Sample Preparation Products

  • Confocal Microscopes

  • Digital Microscopes

Featured Products

Emspira 3 Digital Microscope

Emspira 3 combines everything you need for comprehensive visual inspection into a single system, including comparison, measurement, and documentation sharing.

  • Make Emspira 3 your integrated solution for comparison, measurement, and data sharing, allowing you to optimize your inspection and ditch the PC.
  • Emspira 3 helps you to perform comprehensive visual inspection tasks without a PC. Its integrated on-screen display (OSD) provides intuitive tools for stand-alone operation. Gone are the days of changing between workstations.
  • Record and identify your sample quickly with a barcode scanner. What’s more, you can always trace your image back to your sample by automatically recording the identifier code with the acquired image.

Leica DM4 M & DM6 M 

Do you need to image, measure, and analyze similar features across many samples and materials science and analysis? 

  • With the Leica DM6 M you can use additional modules such as Steel Expert, Cleanliness Expert, Grain Expert, and Phase Expert.
  • You can rely on the Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M microscope systems to provide reproducible results. Always!
  • LED illumination contributes to reproducible results – whether you work with Brightfield (BF), High Dynamic Darkfield (HDF), Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Fluorescence (FL), or Polarization (POL).

DM6 M LIBS Microscope Solution

A LIBS microscope combines visual and qualitative chemical inspection in a single work step allowing you to save 90% of your time to determine microstructure composition compared to inspection with conventional SEM/EDS.

  • Save 90% time for chemical analysis compared to typical methods involving electron microscopy.
  • Reduce the workflow to just one step and focus on results.
  • The DM6 M LIBS 2-in-1 solution allows you to perform both structural and elemental/chemical analysis of material phases, e.g., minerals, alloys, ceramics, etc.

THUNDER Imager 3D Cell Culture

THUNDER Imagers feature the innovative Leica technology Computational Clearing. It efficiently removes out-of-focus blur in real time, enabling the meaningful use of 3D specimens with camera-based fluorescence microscopes

  • THUNDER Imager 3D Cell Culture provides you with a solution for advanced 3D cell culture assays, whether you want to study stem cells, spheroids, or organoids.
  • In combination with high sensitivity, it allows you to capture data at up to 90 frames per second, helping you to observe fast cellular events.
  • It captures blur-free image data quickly even deep inside a thick 3D cell cluster. You can stay on top of fast processes even during multiple emission wavelength experiments thanks to fast-switching external filter wheels
    (< 27 ms).

Leica LMD6 & LMD7 

Laser Microdissection (LMD, also known as Laser Capture Microdissection or LCM) enables users to isolate specific single cells or entire areas of tissue.

  • Leica Microsystems uses high-precision optics to steer the laser beam along the desired cut line on the tissue with prisms.
  • Leica LMD systems' unique laser-guidance based dissection method preserves the integrity of your isolates – contact-free and contamination-free.
  • The LMD7's power, aperture, speed, head current, and pulse frequency settings are tunable to the needs of your sample.

Leica DM IL LED 

With high-performance optics and ergonomic design, the Leica DM IL LED is ideal for cell culture, micromanipulation, documentation of immunostained specimens, and routine live cell examinations.

  • In addition to Phase Contrast and Brightfield illumination, the DM IL LED features unique Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC) from Leica without the need for special objectives.
  • Equipped with a 3 position fluorescence slider, the DM IL LED is capable of capturing brilliant fluorescence images. Confidently overlay multiple fluorescence images due to zero pixel shift technology.
  • With a long working distance the standard DM IL LED microscope allows you to conveniently monitor large cell culture flasks.

Would you like to receive a 15% discount*
on your first order?

To receive your personal voucher,see Terms and Conditions and simply fill out the contact form below!*

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