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Decode 3D biology in real time * * in accordance with ISO/IEC 2382:2015

Explore the World of Leica Microsystems’ Microscopy and Scientific Instruments

Widely recognized for optical precision and innovative technology, Leica Microsystems is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning and super-resolution microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopy.

Product Portfolio

Users of Leica Microsystems’ instruments and services can be found in both clinical and life science research, several surgical specializations, disciplines associated with material sciences, the manufacturing industry, and forensics services as well as in classrooms around the world. Instruments and workflow solutions for electron microscopy sample preparation for life sciences and industrial applications alike complete the company’s product portfolio. 

Our Latest Innovations

Decode 3D biology in real time*

Decode 3D biology in real time*

THUNDER Imagers allow a clear view of details, even deep within an intact sample, in real time without out-of-focus blur. (*in accordance with ISO/IEC 2382:2015)
See more, simply.

See more, simply.

See more of the surgical site in one view with the PROVIDO floor stand surgical microscope.
PAULA, how are my cells today?

PAULA, how are my cells today?

Smart Cell Imager PAULA to speed up your daily cell culture tasks
Save 90% of time in material analysis

Save 90% of time in material analysis

DM6 M LIBS 2-in-1 microscope comes with integrated chemical analysis
Digital augmented reality microscope ARveo

Digital augmented reality microscope ARveo

Augment your reality with a single vision for the future
Redefining the detection limit of confocal imaging

Redefining the detection limit of confocal imaging

LIGHTNING detection package for image information extraction
Lifetime imaging in an instant - SP8 FALCON

Lifetime imaging in an instant - SP8 FALCON

The first truly integrated solution for FLIM. Delivers results at least 10x faster than conventional systems
Start your career here!

Start your career here!

See open job opportunities and join us
Precise color information for every situation

Precise color information for every situation

Pixel Shift Camera DMC6200 - Image resolution of up to 20.7 megapixels
Every detail counts

Every detail counts

20 MP CMOS microscope camera DMC5400
GLOW800 AR Fluorescence

GLOW800 AR Fluorescence

Observe cerebral anatomy in natural color, augmented by real-time vascular flow, with full depth perception
Work up to 20% faster

Work up to 20% faster

Leica S9 Series Stereo Microscopes

Featured image

Cyclestheria hislopii

A multicolor image of Cyclestheria hislopii combining autofluorescence, Serotonin-A488, and Tubulin Cy3 red. Courtesy of Dr. Martin Fritsch, Germany

Confocal Microscopes

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06. March 2019 Cleanliness Expert software - New user interface

Easy to use and fast to adapt. Learn about the new user interface for the Cleanliness Expert software. You will see that this software interface is...

05. March 2019 How digitization changes the microscopy market

Almost all fields of technology have either undergone digitization or are on the cusp of it. Microscopy is no exception. The microscopy market is...

20. February 2019 Rate the quality of your steel in an accurate and reliable way

Summary of the Science Lab Webinar „Rate the Quality of Your Steel“

07. February 2019 UC San Diego and Leica Microsystems Establish Center of Excellence in Microscopy

The new Center will support a combined mission to educate the next generation of scientists and drive new scientific discoveries

29. January 2019 Winners of the Human Protein Atlas Image Classification Announced

Kaggle Competition Prize Money Sponsored by Leica Microsystems

23. January 2019 New Leica imagers set to transform visualization of 3D samples

THUNDER imager family enables users to decode 3D biology in real-time*

12. December 2018 Leica Microsystems Receives Prestigious R&D 100 Award

With SP8 FALCON, Leica Microsystems combines confocal and Fluorescence Lifetime IMaging (FLIM) capabilities optimizing the understanding of the sub...

30. November 2018 DVM6 Digital Microscope: Everything in Focus, Everything Under Control

The days of having to hold your head in a low, awkward position and strain while doing microscopy seem to be over - at least with the DVM6. This...

30. November 2018 DM8000 + DM12000 Microscope: Not only clean, but pure!

When it comes to the optical inspection of electronic components - wafers, for example - every detail counts. It is silly only when an artifact inside...

15. November 2018 Immersive 3D experience for neurosurgery with ARveo

Leica Microsystems enables surgeons to further augment their reality with 3D heads-up visualization

20. March 2019

Optimal structural preservation of tissue can only be obtained by high pressure freezing. However, preparing the samples in optimal conditions is...

14. March 2019

When lying on a beach, protecting yourself from overexposure to UV is important. Sun screen lotions are designed to absorb UV. The UV-attenuating...

11. March 2019

Join our expert live-lecture with Prof. Philippe W. Sleiman talking about excellence in dentistry and how you can improve your clinical practice with...

08. March 2019

The image was acquired with the SP8 FALCON for fast lifetime imaging in a recent immunology study. Researchers discovered a new mutation in a gene...

08. March 2019

In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2019, it’s important to recognize all our female customers, associates, and family members. We, at...

05. March 2019

Join us at the Leading Dental Business Summit of the Year in Cologne, Germany. From March 12-16 we are live at the IDS conference together with KaVo...

14. February 2019

You are probably asking yourself, "What is that?" No, this is not an image of the surface of the moon or a planet in our solar system (other than...

05. February 2019

How do cells function? If you want to find out, you have to explore molecules within their native environment. Using CLEM (Correlative Light and...

04. February 2019

Thoracic nerve cord of the locust Schistocerca gregaria (Cy3, red). Taken with a THUNDER Imager. . #science #scienceiscool #scienceisbeautiful...

01. February 2019

Use #THUNDER to get clear images of three-dimensional specimens - observe the relevant details in the proper context with a large field of view. ...

29. January 2019

#THUNDER your images and #seethroughthehaze! Explore neurite outgrowth and their branching architecture. Get precise and reliable data and high...

25. January 2019

THUNDER Imager Tissue is a new instrument for real-time fluorescent imaging of 3D tissue sections. It allows rapid acquisition of blur-free images...

24. January 2019

This image of a HeLa cell spheroid provides a wide overview and, at the same time, clear details deep inside the sample. The image was taken with a...

23. January 2019

A new class of instruments for high-speed, high-quality imaging of a large diversity of samples, including thick specimens: THUNDER imagers with...

20. December 2018

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season where you have a clear view through the winter haze and gain greater insights into the coming New Year. Happy...

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