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Used Microscopes & Imaging Equipment

Microscopes and scientific equipment from Leica Microsystems never come cheap - and adequately so: Years of experience have gone into their development and they are made to last. 

Used Microscopes tried and tested - to your advantage

We are aware that budget plays a role in all fields of research, industry, and medicine. Used microscopes and equipment are always an option to go for - now you can buy tried and tested Leica microscopes and accessories such as cameras or illumination directly from us as a manufacturer.

Contact us for used microscope equipment

Contact a local specialist for expert advice on the right system for your needs.

Certified and with full warranty

Most of the microscope systems or accessories have been used for product demonstrations and workshops by our sales representatives. They are made ready for sale by a thorough check-up and will come to you cleaned, calibrated, factory-tested and certified - with full warranty. 

Tell us what you want to achieve

Our products are tools, designed to enable you to reach your goals. We’ll gladly advise you which instruments or accessories will help you understand diseases, speed up your quality control workflow, see better in cavities while operating, or obtain insight into the dynamics of life with a light-stimulated, high-pressure frozen sample under the electron microscope.

Our tried and tested equipment comes in units, that means specific configurations you can add to, or as single parts.

Whatever you would like to do - we will certainly find a suitable solution.


Identification, documentation, and reporting is important for quality control and quality assurance, inspection and failure analysis applications as well as research and development. When it comes to assembly, our instruments offer the three-dimensional vision and working distance you require.

A range of sturdy, intelligently designed microscopes are perfect tools for classrooms. And we cover full microscopy workflows in forensics.

Life Sciences

The more researchers can see, the better they can understand life and its shapes and appearances. Whether for fixed or live cell applications, widefield or confocal microscopy - our isntruments enable researchers to visualize, image, measure, and analyze microstructures and nanostructures. Leica EM sample preparation instruments support the entire workflow up to imaging in the electron microscope.


Leica Microsystems support doctors and surgeons in their care for their patients. Leica surgical microscopes have their place in operating rooms and practices, visualizing procedures for an entire OR team.

They are used in spine and neurosurgery, ophthalmology as well as for ENT and Dental procedures. 

Frequently asked questions

What does a used product look like?
The majority of the instruments are former demonstrations units that our sales representatives and applications managers have used for product demonstrations and workshops. They may show traces of normal wear and tear, but are fully functional. They have been tested and certified.

Can I expect 100% performance from a used product?
Yes, you can. The units have been thoroughly cleaned, calibrated and tested. All units comply with factory standards in terms of specifications when they were originally manufactured.

What firmware and software is included?
If applicable, the product comes with the latest firmware and software that ensures factory standard functionality. 

What warranty can I expect?
Used products are sold with 1 year factory warranty, the same warranty as our new products. 

The unit I am interested in is not exactly what I want. Can I change configuration?
Used units are sold "as is" - in the package they are offered. Components cannot be removed. However, if you would like to complement the configuration with additional components, suitable accessories can be ordered as separate items at list price. 

What lead times can be expected?
Unless otherwise stated, units reconditioned in advance, are available immediately. For those not reconditioned in advance a lead-time depending on the unit may be required. 

Will shipment and installation of the unit be included?
Shipping and installation are excluded. Please refer to your local Sales contact to obtain further details.

What other terms and conditions apply?
Please refer to Leica Microsystems' General Terms and Conditions