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As a surgeon you need as much information as possible about delicate anatomical structures. This helps you to make confident treatment decisions, so you can achieve your goal of delivering the best possible patient outcomes.

In medical applications, Leica support you with premium optics that deliver crisp, bright, and consistent visualization. To further augment your view, our premium neurosurgery and ophthalmology microscopes are also designed as upgradeable imaging platforms. Easily integrate supplementary digital imaging and recording technologies at any time and ensure you have the visualization you need today, and tomorrow.

With a portfolio covering microsurgery disciplines including ophthalmology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology (ENT), plastic reconstructive surgery and dentistry, there is a surgical microscope from Leica to meet your needs.

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Latest Medical News & Articles

20. November 2017 Paediatric OCT Course

Join the Paediatric OCT Course, Nov 30th – Dec 1st, 2017, hosted by the University of Leicester

10. November 2017 OCT power package reveals subsurface details during ophthalmic surgery

Leica Microsystems introduces the EnFocus intrasurgical OCT system in combination with the Proveo 8 surgical microscope to enhance ophthalmic surgical visualization

06. October 2017 Taking a significant leap forward in workflow support for ophthalmic surgery

Enhanced visualization and responsive workflow features for the Proveo 8 platform from Leica Microsystems

06. October 2017 Augmented reality imaging supports clinical decision-making for vascular neurosurgeons

Leica Microsystems showcases another first in fluorescence imaging: the groundbreaking GLOW AR Platform at CNS, Boston

13. September 2017 Leica Microsystems is advancing surgical microscopy by integrating enhanced digital technologies directly into the operating microscope

Leica Microsystems’ Medical Division recently was featured during the US TV series "Innovations with Ed Begley Jr." aired via Fox Business

View of an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) viewed with FL560 fluorescence.

29. August 2017 Leica FL560 achieves First FDA Clearance for cerebrovascular fluorescence with fluorescein

Leica Microsystems is the first company in the US receiving FDA 510(k) clearance for the visualization of cerebrovascular blood flow in conjunction with fluorescein

08. May 2017 View videos of two membrane peel cases captured with intrasurgical OCT

Visit Science Lab to watch the different stages of two membrane peel procedures captured with EnFocus intrasurgical OCT. See for yourself how en face OCT imaging can provide additional real-time anatomical information

24. April 2017 New technologies augment the surgeon’s visualization

Leica Microsystems reveals new Augmented Reality imaging technologies for surgical microscopes at AANS in Los Angeles

30. March 2017 Full-HD Image Injection Module for Surgical Microscopes

High-resolution visual data can be viewed directly in the eyepieces during neurosurgery with CaptiView image injection

23. January 2017 How intrasurgical OCT can impact the surgical approach to membrane peeling

New ophthalmology case study on Science Lab: Videos captured with EnFocus intrasurgical OCT demonstrate how visualization of the membrane can impact the surgical process of membrane peeling