Leica – From Eye to Insight

We perceive the world through our eyes

Ernst Leitz has led our company to world fame. He knew from the beginning: Progress must be visible. Leica Microsystems’ innovations have redefined the boundaries of microscopy again and again.

Leica globally stands for setting new standards in the precision of optics, in resolution as well as in image reproduction and analysis. Microscopes and scientific instruments by Leica Microsystems provide researchers, engineers, and surgeons clear images of the microscopic world.

The Eye in Life Sciences.

By pushing the limits of resolution, speed, and ease of use, we enable scientists to gain INSIGHT beyond what has been possible and visible before so they can advance scientific understanding and safeguard health.

The Eye in Industry, Forensics and Education.

By constantly innovating we provide high-quality and easy-to-use solutions that enable users to gain INSIGHT and return-on-investment to their key questions in research, manufacturing, quality control, and forensics.

The Eye in Medicine.

By integrating intelligent surgical imaging and navigation technology, we deliver the INSIGHT and customer experience surgeons need to improve patient outcome while lowering cost of treatment.

Leica – From Eye to Insight

We strive for brilliant solutions, continuous improvement, and seek to inspire our customers.

Their requirements and requests are our incentive to develop solutions for visible progress – so that we can use our insight to constantly increase our understanding of the world.

Leica Brand Values


Our work has made a difference for more than 160 years to scientists, engineers, surgeons, and even to humanity as a whole. No wonder we are so passionate about it. Coming from a scientific perspective, we always strive to deeply understand the work of our users in order to turn their needs and ideas into innovative solutions. This makes us proud partners of all those at the forefront of today’s innovation. A great responsibility that we meet with exceptional dedication – day in, day out.


Our users have brilliant minds. They expect the same brilliance from us as their partner. This entails a focus on state-of-the-art, top-quality products and excellent services based on a profound understanding of their respective fields of work. In other words: Our work must be as brilliant as the micro-images we represent.


We are all about progress. From research to product development to services, we continuously strive to improve on all levels to ensure that our users can always rely on the leading micro-imaging systems on the market. We help our users to advance their work every day and eventually, to accelerate the progress of humankind.

Leica Microsystems Quality Policy

Quality and excellence is the foundation for the good reputation that solutions from Leica Microsystems have held for almost 170 years and continue to hold today all over the world. We are committed to exceed the expectations of our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. We foster continuous improvement on a permanent basis and invest in innovation, equipment, and our people to ensure we are providing the best solutions. Our team of highly skilled employees enables us to provide reliable, high quality solutions that meet customers’ expectations and compliance regulations.

Our quality policy C3 summarizes this foundation with three short guiding principles and forms the basis of our quality commitment.

At Leica Microsystems, we strive for:

  • Customer Satisfaction everywhere, every time.
  • Continuous Improvement for all our products, services & underlying quality systems.
  • Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards where our products and services are provided.

Leica Quality Policies

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