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Leica Microsystems’ Life Science Research Division supports the imaging needs of the scientific community with advanced innovation and technical expertise for the visualization, measurement and analysis of microstructures.

Our strong focus on understanding scientific applications puts Leica Microsystems’ customers at the leading edge of science.


12. December 2017 Save 90% of the time when doing materials analysis

The DM6 M LIBS 2-in-1 microscope comes with integrated chemical analysis

04. December 2017 Fast image capture with precise colors for every situation

New DMC6200 pixel shift camera: Amazing images for Life Science and other applications

27. November 2017 Every detail counts: See what you need to see without compromises

DMC5400 microscope camera with 20 megapixel CMOS sensor

15. November 2017 Development of new integrated Cryo-Imaging solutions

CSSB and Leica Microsystems establish an Advanced light and Fluorescence Microscopy (ALFM) facility and integrated Cryo-Imaging solutions

06. November 2017 From Micro to Macro: Celebrating 20 years of Collaboration between the IGBMC and Leica Microsystems

The Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology and Leica Microsystems marked 20 years of collaboration with a day of presentations and scientific talks highlighting the successful projects emerging from the partnership.

11. October 2017 White Blood Cell Recruitment to Bacterial Infection

Zebrafish In Vivo Study Using Leica Fluorescence Microscopes

09. October 2017 The Institute of Photonic Science, Barcelona becomes a new Nanoscopy Imaging Reference site for Leica Microsystems

Barcelona, October 9th 2017. October 6th marked the beginning of a new partnership between ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona and Leica Microsystems. The new collaboration agreement aims to promote and establish ICFO as a new...

27. September 2017 CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center opens cutting-edge microscopy platform in partnership with Leica Microsystems

MONTREAL, September 26, 2017 – CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center in Montreal has partnered with Leica Microsystems to establish a cutting-edge microscopy facility that is mutually beneficial for both the Centre and Leica.

23. August 2017 Free Webinar On-Demand: Basics in Component Cleanliness Analysis

For automotive manufacturers and auto parts suppliers, obtaining component cleanliness results rapidly, accurately, and reproducibly over the entire workflow is a significant advantage. Making it easier to build up facilities, knowledge and expertise...

23. August 2017 Free Webinar On-Demand: Rate the quality of your steel

The quality of steel is an essential topic in automotive, metalworking and building industries. To ensure the highest standards, an accurate and reliable Quality Assurance workflow for the inspection of non-metallic inclusions is crucial.

Featured image

Tile mouse scan

Tile scan image of mouse brain tissue section with multicolor immunofluorescent labeling acquired with the DMi8 S system.

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