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Supporting a healthy system

Ongoing, long-term support, in ways that match your requirements, is key to us. Our commitment starts at production, and continues through assembly, shipment, delivery and installation, and on into the maintenance programs we offer. Because we believe that in today’s world, simply selling products will not do.

We deliver far more than a technological assembly of beautifully crafted components. Our goal is to deliver tailor-made service solutions to ensure optimal results, peace of mind, success, and pride. With ServiceCare, Leica offers a range of service and support programs that are matched to a spectrum of requirements, systems, and budgets.

And just as roots nourish a tree, our roots are the servicing, maintenance, training and customer support options that are available to suit your needs. Talk to your Leica Microsystems service team about a ServiceCare program.

Contact us

Contact a local service specialist. Leica Microsystems support will assist you.


Our Technical Assistance Center OneCall is a customer service solution offered to all Leica Microsystems customers. The OneCall hotline gives you easy, direct access to a knowledge and experience base that is beyond compare.

From guiding you through set-up procedures, to complex image acquisition and data management, our Application Specialists and Field-trained Engineers help you get the most from every Leica Microsystems instrument.

They can also trouble-shoot technical issues and, if a service visit is required, quickly coordinate with the service department to set up a visit from a factory-trained engineer.

Please have the following information at hand, so that we can help you as quickly as possible:

  • Product details including serial number or equipment number/name
  • Brief outline of query or issue
  • Location of product/address
  • Service contract number (if applicable)

Preventive Maintenance

Disruptions never occur at a convenient time. We all know what it’s like when something breaks down: There’s the hassle of downtime, cost of repairs, and the negative impact on critical work.

Maximum uptime

A ServiceCare contract will ensure everything possible is done for maximum uptime and minimum disruption. We recommend to invest in regularly scheduled maintenance to help keep systems functioning as they should and performing to the level you expect.

Should problems occur, we always have experts on hand to solve them, however, our unique ServiceCare Preventive Maintenance option, which are offered as part of all of our programs, can help your system remain trouble-free.


Put connective technology to work to keep your system healthy, up-to-date and operating at the peak of its performance. ServiceCare’s RemoteCare technology delivers System monitoring, Deviation alerts, Diagnostics, Updates, Upgrades, and Protection.

RemoteCare operates through a secure online technology that safeguards your data, is completely firewall-friendly, and requires no additional IT set-up.

  • Protect your systems from failures – before they happen
  • Protect your work with prompt responses to alerts
  • Protect the quality and health of your system with responsive maintenance
  • Protect productivity by reducing unexpected downtime and delays
  • Protect your investment by increasing productivity and uptime

Expert Training

Comprehensive and personalized training

Upon receipt of your instrument, we provide your team with comprehensive and personalized training on the microscope and accessories. Each Leica Microsystems ServiceCare training session covers topics such as:

  • Start-up procedure and overview
  • Fundamental microscope training and care
  • Basic imaging, and image optimization
  • Software overview and matching applications to your requirements
  • Saving images and user settings
  • Exporting images and data
  • Shutdown procedure

New team members? We’ll repeat the training if needed.

Technical support

Leica Microsystems ServiceCare provides peace of mind:

  • In the event of a failure
  • By helping ensure upgrades happen correctly 
  • By taking care of preventive maintenance
  • By making sure the complex technical questions you need answers to can be answered quickly and accurately

We realize that with equipment as sophisticated as ours, matching our technical expertise to your technical requirements is vital to helping you get the very best from your equipment.

That’s why we are committed to supporting you with technical knowledge at the highest level.

Service Contracts

Choose from our ServiceCare program options: StandardCare, AdvancedCare, PremiumCare or PremiumPlusCare

We’d like to make it simple to decide which option fits best – please get in touch with your Leica Microsystems representative to discuss your requirements.

Considering a few things before getting in touch may help you getting a good idea what level of service you expect from us:

  • What sort of equipment do you have and what level of support do you expect it to need?
  • What’s the technical knowledge base like within your department?
  • What benefits could an expert visit bring to your team?
  • Could we connect with other departments who may have, or who might consider, Leica Microsystems equipment, to help get even greater value for our investment?

Speaking your language

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional experience to suit you. Just as with ServiceCare, our Application Specialists are experts in the systems you own.

And the range of scientific expertise at your disposal is ideally matched to your needs, whether they be in life sciences, industry, or medical.

So when you talk to somebody at OneCall, you know you are talking to a fellow expert that understands your work.

The experience of others

We hope the experience of others may help you decide that, whichever program suits you best, a ServiceCare option really does represent a wise investment.

“… we have microscopes from all four major vendors, but the microscope service from Leica has been among the best in terms of dependability, honesty, and quality.” - Thomas C. Südhof, M.D., Dept of Molecular and Cellular Physiology & HHMI, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, United States.

Your Advantages

  • The expenses in maintenance will be defined up-front and you will not get any surprise vs. the budget you handle.
  • Higher productivity as the service agreement with Leica Microsystems will provide better uptime and less time spent for administrative tasks. On top of this, you will probably gain an optimized equipment performance.
  • Working with Leica Microsystems, you can be sure that the spare parts are the original ones and the procedures used are what is recommended by us, the manufacturer. Beside this, our field engineers are all well trained and experienced. This fact ensures less issues in all senses – technical, economical, and legal- in the future.
  • Savings in the long term because the repair investments will be reduced when the installed base is serviced regularly, thereby achieving an extension in the working life of the installed base.

Your ServiceCare program options

Service contracts*StandardCareAdvancedCarePremiumCarePremiumPlusCare
Unlimited parts replacement (specified lasers included)x
Unlimited parts replacement (specified lasers excluded)x
Discounted trainingxx
Discounted hardware upgrades**xx
Unlimited on-site repairsxxx
Preventive Maintenance 1 annual visitxxxx
Software updatesxxxx
Priority on service callsxxxx

*Service contracts may differ in specific countries. For detailed information please contact your service partner at Leica Microsystems.

**when available

Technical Assistance Center OneCall


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