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Incubation Systems and Microscope Stages for Live Cell Imaging

Environmental Equipment for Leica Inverted Microscope

The users of inverted microscopes expect more from their equipment, as the increasing complexity of daily routine observations and research experiments relies on optimum measuring conditions and reproducible results.

Beside highest optical performance, microscope components such as stages, specimen holders and environmental conditions for live cells are key factors for the success of many experiments. The better the good system integration minimizes the influence on cellular processes, the better the results can be interpreted and reproduced.

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Configure your system

A huge choice of accessories and the modular microscope design allows researchers to economically configure the system needed – whether for scanning cell or tissue cultures in the routine laboratory or for experimental cell research, patch clamping, micromanipulation, micro-injection, or confocal microscopy.

The incubation systems for Leica microscopes provide temperature control and stabilization of cells in cytobiological and physiological experiments.

Even routine work on single cells, cell populations and tissue complexes in vital immunocytochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, biotechnology, medicine and pharmacology often requires environmental control.

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