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Education Microscopes for School and University

Microscopy courses are most enjoyable when both teachers and students can focus on their subject. Our educational microscopes help you to unlock your students’ full potential: They are practical, easy to handle, and provide images that will hold your students’ attention.

Delight young minds!

These plug-and-play microscopes are used in classrooms around the world. In life science subjects such as biology, histology, zoology, or anatomy as well as in earth sciences, materials sciences, or forensics education, they feed enquiring minds of beginners, explorers, and experts alike. 

Why use Leica educational microscopes in the classroom?

  • They are easy to use – parts are well labeled, components cannot be removed and lost, and few adjustments lead to great results
  • They produce images to enjoy – their optics and cameras deliver good contrast, color, and resolution for a great learning experience
  • They are easy to store – they are small, easy to carry, and have few cables that could tangle
  • They are easy to maintain – they are easy to clean and service, with on-site service when needed
  • They are constructed to last – they stand up to rough handling and varying environmental conditions

And if you would like to digitize your classroom and engage your students via Wi-Fi with tools they even use in their leisure time, we offer wireless classroom solutions.

Leica WiFi Education

Which educational microscope is suitable for which class?

The matrix will help you determine which of our instruments would be eligible for your classroom.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Leica Microsystems representative.

Educational Microscopes

Life Science Earth Science Material Science Forensic Science
Begin Explore Advance Begin Explore Advance Begin Explore Advance Begin Explore Advance
EZ4 stereo microscope    X   X     X     X    
DM300 compound microscope  X                      
EZ4 W, EZ4 E stereo microscope     X   X X   X X   X X
DM500 compound microscope    X                    
DM750 compound microscope      X                  
DM750 P compound microscope        X X X       X  X
DM750 M compound microscope              X X X   X X

Must-haves: camera and software

The addition of a camera such as the Leica EC4 or the wireless Leica ICC50 W and software such as the Leica LAS EZ or Leica Acquire turns a microscopes into an imaging system.

Using camera and software, students can work with their images beyond the microscope:

  • Extracted images from the microscope
  • Make images available for analysis and measurements, documentation for reports
  • Share images

Essentially, working with a microscope equipped with camera and software is fun for students, because they can use and share their own images.

Last, but not least, fun is a great assistant to teachers!

Education Products 12

Filter by Area of Application
Leica EZ4 W & EZ4 E

Leica EZ4 W & EZ4 E

Stereo microscope for college and university education with 8x to 35x magnification, 7-way LED illumination, and integrated camera

Leica ICC50 W & ICC50 E

Leica ICC50 W & ICC50 E

Cameras for Compound Microscopes

Leica LAS EZ

Leica LAS EZ

Imaging software for Windows OS for "EZ" documentation and annotation

Leitz Optilux

Leitz Optilux

View the Finest Details - Compound Microscope

Leica DM300

Leica DM300

Monocular, binocular or trinocular educational microscope for life sciences with 4 achromat or plan-achromat objectives

Leica DM500

Leica DM500

Binocular educational microscope for life science students with 4 infinity-corrected plan-achromat objectives and fluorescence capability

Leica DM750

Leica DM750

Binocular educational microscope for life science postdocs with 4 or 5 infinity-corrected or HI plan-achromat objectives and fluorescence capability

Leica DM750 M

Leica DM750 M

Binocular materials microscope for education, basic metallography, and forensics education

Leica EZ4

Leica EZ4

Stereo microscope for beginners in college and university education with 8x to 35x magnification and 7-way LED illumination

Featured image

Tile mouse scan

Tile scan image of mouse brain tissue section with multicolor immunofluorescent labeling acquired with the DMi8 S system.

Light Microscopes

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