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Sample Preparation for Electron Microscopy

When it comes to great results, stunning performance or breakthrough discoveries, you will find one thing that all of them have in common: their precise and careful preparation. Especially in the field of electron microscopy, perfect sample preparation is a prerequisite and crucial step.

Be prepared – for great results!

Leica Microsystems offers a comprehensive product portfolio for preparation of biological, medical and industrial samples. Concentrating on workflow solutions we provide a product range that is perfectly aligned to all your needs for precise sample preparation in TEM, SEM, and AFM investigations. Each Leica solution consists of several instruments that are perfectly geared to one another to form a seamless workflow for your sample.

Perfect preparation makes the difference between trying and achieving, between failure and success, between results and excellent results. So be prepared for great results with Leica Microsystems!

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Cross Section Surface

Cross Section Surface, Pre Paid Card RuO4stained, sectioned with diamond knife at room temperature, treated with a special plasma etching device, SEM image.

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