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Leica EM VCT500 Sample Transfer System Leica Leica Microsystems

Leica EM VCT500
Stay Connected

  • Connect your workflow systems
  • Optimize your sample transfer thanks to the active sample cooling and new valve concept
  • Monitor your sample with respect to temperature and vacuum at any time during the workflow when docked

Why Vacuum Cryo Transfer?

During the transfer of samples between different preparation and analysis systems, samples have to be protected from contamination and ice crystal formation caused by insufficient protection.

Frozen sunscreen lotion, Prof. D. Pum, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria and C. Tomova, S. Mimietz-Oeckler, Leica Microsystems, Vienna, Austria

Why Leica EM VCM and Leica EM VCT500?

"Only well-preserved samples yield their secrets in the electron microscope. The Leica EM VCM and the Leica EM VCT500 give you more time, better monitoring and better connectivity – A gateway to new fields of applications."

Saskia Mimietz-Oeckler, Product Manager

Vacuum Cryo Manipulation System Leica EM VCM

The Leica EM VCM loading station enables you to connect different preparation techniques to various analysis devices such as Cryo-SEM, Cryo-TEM and Cryo-CLEM

Be Connected

Leica EM VCM
Be Connected

  • All transfer from sample loading under vacuum
  • Illumination, magnifier, tool dryer and automated LN2 refilling contribute to contamination-free sample handling
  • Improved connectivity given by up to three sample holders and three transfer options


To be connected at any time at any place is today something which is taken for granted. 

As a logical consequence Leica Microsystems started to connect systems for EM Sample Preparation to ensure your samples are protected during the complete workflow process and up to the analysis systems.

Leica EM Sample Preparation Workflow

  1. Leica EM ICE High Pressure Freezer
  2. Leica EM VCM Vacuum Cryo Manipulation System
  3. Leica EM ACE600 High Vacuum Coater with Leica EM VCT500
  4. Leica EM VCT500 Vacuum Cryo Transfer System
  5. Adaptable to many analysis systems (example)

Flexibility to Connect
Choose your Holder

We provide standard and customized sample holders for nearly any application:

Standard holders for freeze fracturing, double replica technique, freeze-drying and more

Leica Microsystems can fulfill your application specific sample holder requirements by offering customized holders. Your sales representative will inform you about the process.

Flexibility to Connect to Your Analysis System

Each Leica EM VCT500 is a customized instrument specially adapted to your requirements.

A careful evaluation is carried out with the Leica Sales Team, Research and Development Department and the provider of your analysis system to ensure that your application and workflow process is perfectly aligned.