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Leica EM VCT500 Vacuum Cryo Transfer System

Room conditions

Relative humidity < 55% (no condensation)
Operating temperature +15°C to +30°C
Storage temperature +5°C TO +35°C
Environment Free of dust and other destructive particles.

Dimensions and weight

Width Depth Height Net weight
Leica EM VCT500 Shuttle 100 mm 659 - 749 mm 245 mm ~5 kg
Leica EM VCT500 Dock 100 mm 91 mm 250 mm ~5 kg
Leica EM VCT500 Dewar 100 mm 184 mm 169 mm ~4 kg
Leica EM VCT500 Dewar for low vacuum application 100 mm 313 mm   ~4 kg
Weight on analytical system       ~14 kg
Please note: For the space requirement around the analysis system, the project specific adapter flange must be taken into account.
Controller (space needed on the floor) 256 mm 175 mm 106 mm  
Touch panel (space needed in the desk) 205 mm 155 mm 110 mm  
Vacuum pump (space needed in the floor) 250 mm 400 mm 300 mm  
Leica EM VCM 409 mm 565 mm 314 mm  
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