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Leica Microsystems headquarters in Heerbrugg, Switzerland Leica Microsystems headquarters in Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Behind the scenes at Leica Microsystems’ Medical Division in Heerbrugg Switzerland

Interview about the rise of surgical microscopes for use in ENT

In this interview, journalist Sonia Belli takes a look behind the scenes at Leica Microsystems AG Switzerland for the French magazine Audiology Info. While visiting the Heerbrugg site, she interviewed the management about the origin, development, and future of surgical microscopes in the ENT field.

The interview includes interesting facts about the history of Leica Microsystems. It describes how the first surgical microscopes for ophthalmic procedures were introduced in the 1980s with ENT microsopes following in the 1990s. Continual innovation has lead to today’s sophisticated surgical microscopes with augmented reality.

During her visit to the Leica Microsystems site in Switzerland, Sonia Belli received a guided tour of the medical showroom. In the interview, she shares the knowledge and insights she learned during the demonstration of the Leica portfolio for otolaryngologists. 

The interview also gives an outlook from Leica Microsystems about future innovations  such as integrated digital technologies. It discusses the added value of these technologies for surgeons and, last but not least, for the hospitals that purchase them.

Click here to read the full interview in English.

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