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Leica M525 F20 Compact surgical microscope

The Leica M525 F20 surgical microscope combines brilliant optical quality with superior maneuverability. The crisp, sharp images and large depth of field allow the surgeon to see precise details.

The working-distance-based illumination provides enough light for deep operative sites while supporting patient safety.

Designed as an otolaryngology microscope, the Leica M525 F20 is also ideal for spine, dental, hand, and plastic/reconstructive procedures.

The Leica M25 F20 surgical microscope for otolaryngology, and neuro, spine and ENT surgery.

Key Features

Smooth, fine movements

The Leica M525 F20’s maneuverable, compact design enables smooth, fine movements for better surgeon comfort and patient care.

Motorized MultiFoc lens

The motorized MultiFoc lens offers 207mm to 470mm working distance, which makes the microscope ideal for many types of surgical procedures.

Xenon illumination systems

Two independent 180W xenon illumination systems provide the surgeon a high degree of convenience and reliability.

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