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Discover the benefits of PROvido with FusionOptics

Refocusing interrupts your procedure. So, we’ve equipped the PROvido with our groundbreaking FusionOptics technology. Apply your skills with ease, as you see more, simply.


Always focused on your patient

FusionOptics unites an enhanced depth of field with high resolution and delivers unsurpassed visualization. When combined with 300 W xenon light and Small Angle Illumination, the result is a deep, bright view, in full focus.

The Technology of FusionOptics

  1. Two separate beam paths.
  2. One beam path provides high resolution.
  3. The other beam path provides depth of field.
  4. The brain merges the two images to a single optimal spatial image.

Lighting your way

Getting an optimal view into deep narrow channels with a floor stand microscope is no longer a challenge with the PROvido.

It not only includes FusionOptics, but also bright 300 W xenon light for a naturally-colored view of anatomy, plus Small Angle Illumination (SAI).

SAI further improves your visualization by distributing light more evenly and reducing shadows deep into narrow channels.

Back up illumination with 75 W LED or 300 W xenon arc lamps can be activated manually if needed to ensure you always have the best possible view.

FL560 fluorescence

The FL560 allows the fluorescence observation of fluorophores with an excitation peak between ~460 nm and ~500 nm (blue) and the fluorescence emission observation comprising the green, yellow and red spectrum in a spectral band above ~510 nm.

Get into position and get going

For an efficient set-up and workflow in your OR, the PROvido surgical microscope stand is designed to be extremely lightweight and versatile, so you can:

  • Easily position PROvido in the angle you need with just the lightest touch thanks to electromagnetic brakes and AC/BC balancing system
  • Achieve greater precision using the XY joystick control for fine micro movements
  • Position the optics carrier steadfastly where you need it, the sturdy full-metal construction of the floor stand is extremely resistant to vibration

Proceed without limitation

Enjoy the comfort and workflow benefits of adaptable optics and large working space.

  • No limitations from working with long instruments thanks to leading 600 mm working distance
  • Large space between the compact stand base and optics carrier for flexible positioning in the OR
  • Accommodates different operating positions and body frames with a range of binoculars for main surgeon and assistant all with full 360°-rotation
  • Compact optics carrier designed to enable your opposite or side assistant to also achieve a comfortable, upright working posture

The view you need, fast

Meet the visualization needs of your procedure and your team at every moment with optics that are fast to set up and adjust.

  • Start fast with the SpeedSpot system that uses two laser beams as a focusing reference to quickly provide a defined focus point for surgeon, assistant, and camera
  • Quickly boost magnification by 40% with the optional Magnification Multiplier
  • Give your opposite assistant viewing flexibility with an independent fine focus

Help your team to see more

Optimize workflow and learning by sharing your surgery in HD.  You can share your PROvido-view with your entire OR team for enhanced workflow efficiency and teaching. The stand-mounted monitor can be flexibly positioned for a convenient view. Choose from a 24” HD monitor or 27” HD touch-screen monitor.

Equipped with a fully integrated HD C100 imaging and recording system PROvido allows you to start recording at the touch of a button to capture high definition surgical footage or still images.

Sharing is just as easy. Simply save your images or videos to USB or directly to the hospital network via cable for storage in patient files or ready to share with your students.

Smart illumination minimizes interruptions and supports patient safety

The innovative light management of PROvido helps protect your patient’s skin and tissue.

  • BrightCare Plus automatically optimizes light intensity relative to the working distance to minimize incidents of patient burns.
  • AutoIris automatically adjusts the diaphragm so that only the visible area is illuminated. This prevents the possibility of drying or burning exposed tissue outside the field of view.
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