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Inspection Microscopes

Suppliers and manufacturers need to inspect parts and components to ensure and optimize performance and lifetime. But inspection must also be carried out in an efficient and cost-effective way. The goal is to optimize workflow efficiency for quality control including inspection and rework, failure analysis, and research and development (R&D).

Many different challenges can occur when performing inspection with a microscope. Some of the most critical relate to workflow optimization, efficient reporting of results, training of users, and user comfort. Inspection microscopes from Leica Microsystems can help overcome these challenges.

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What are your inspection microscope needs?

If you measure when doing inspection, your microscope should allow precise analysis, including comparison with reference images and standards, as well as efficient and consistent documentation. A microscope for inspection and rework should offer high resolution, a large depth of field for 3D perception, and a long working distance.

What should you observe and document with the inspection microscope?

Leica inspection microscopes cover your needs, whether it is to have an overview of a part or component or visualize fine details. Integration with Leica cameras and the Enersight software allows for efficient, consistent analysis and documentation of results.

What is your budget for the inspection microscope?

Modular microscopes may look like a higher investment initially, but in the long run they save you money thanks to the variety of accessories making them versatile and adaptable. Due to the modularity, Leica microscopes can accommodate the needs of different types of inspection and users.

How many different people need to use the inspection microscope? How many hours will they work with it?

When using the inspection microscope for many hours, it is important to consider ergonomic accessories and modularity as they allow microscopes to be adjusted for each user helping to achieve fatigue-free work while greatly enhancing productivity. Modular designs allow configurations for individual inspection needs to increase efficiency and help maintain a high quality of work.

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Inspection for the Automotive Industry

In the production of parts and components for the automotive industry, strict standards need to be followed to achieve demanding product lifetime and reliability targets. In order to meet these demands, visual inspection during production is crucial.

Leica microscopes can accommodate your different inspection needs.

Inspection for Electronics

In modern electronics manufacturing, visual inspection is essential for quality control. In some cases, rework and assembly are also required. Visual inspection with microscopes is beneficial for the early detection of manufacturing defects for the throughput rate to be increased. For efficient and precise rework, a solution must rapidly provide a 3D perspective of the part or component.

Inspection for Medical Device

Invasive medical devices, such as stents and catheters, must meet high quality and safety standards to protect human lives.

Visual inspection of these medical devices and components continues to play a key role in quality control. Microscopes for inspection are essential tools for quality control and production in the medical device industry.


Microscope inspection of electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs) where solder joints, through-holes, connections, components, and coatings are checked.

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Automotive & Transportation

Microscopy is essential for automotive manufacturing. Example showing a tire cross section being inspected for the polymer bonding, wire mesh, etc.

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Medical Device

Microscope inspection is essential for medical devices to ensure patient safety. For example, dental screw implants must be checked for material quality and design defects.

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Frequently Asked Questions Inspection Microscopes

Show answer I need to quickly document and share results with team members. What is the best solution you can recommend?

A Leica microscope and camera which are compatible with the microscope software allow you to share data without the need for a PC. You can directly save images on your local network and share them via email.

Show answer Do I need a computer to operate an inspection microscope?

No, a computer is not essential to operate an inspection microscope. The microscope software, working with a compatible microscope and camera, allows you to inspect in stand-alone mode without the need for a PC. However, you can also perform inspection with a PC if desired.

Show answer Do you have multiple users utilizing a single microscope? Which Leica solution offers an adaptable user interface?

The microscope software allows you to customize user-interface functions, adapting them to individual user needs. With clearly defined user roles, managers can protect the system from unwanted changes and ensure a lean user interface that supports the user skill level.

Show answer What type of accessories come with my inspection microscope? What will I need to purchase separately?

Leica microscopes are shipped in the configuration that best fits your stated inspection needs. In case your needs change later, you can always upgrade your solution by adding available accessories.

Show answer How are ergonomic accessories designed to reduce repetitive strain injuries during long working hours?

There is a wide variety of ergonomic accessories for Leica stereo microscopes. For more details, please contact your local Leica sales representative. You can also visit: Ergonomic Accessories for Stereo Microscopes

Show answer Which is the best type of illumination to use with my inspection microscope?

Illumination is an important factor that determines what you can see with your microscope. Here you can find an overview discussing which illumination you can use to achieve optimal inspection results: Illumination (Lighting) Systems for Stereo Microscopes

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