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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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We strive to continuously improve and sustain an inclusive culture in which diversity provides deeper customer insights and creates a competitive advantage in the markets we serve. By attracting, developing and retaining the best team of diverse, engaged and empowered employees, we help realize life's potential for ourselves, our customers and our shareholders.

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We help realize life's potential for ourselves, our customers and our shareholders.

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Diversity, Equity and inclusion enrich our company and are crucial to our culture.

Our diverse teams, with their varied backgrounds, differentiated and agile mindsets, and skills, are one of the backbones and drivers of our culture and our success.

Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion is our commitment to continue evolving our organization, and ourselves, on the journey to belonging for all.

At Leica Microsystems, my leadership team and I are committed to leading from the front and ensuring people are provided equal opportunities to reach their potential and their voice is heard and considered.

It's also important to recognize and value the multiple types of diversity and inclusion which improve the workplace. I and we all at Leica Microsystems are committing to supporting and empowering people in all fields, being a strong, equal opportunity employer.

Leica Microsystems Leadership Corner – Anette Rinck

Annette Rinck, President Leica Microsystems

Diverse teams have a broader spectrum of knowledge, experiences and that unique lens that drives better ideas, better solutions and better outcomes to achieve our vision and mission.

My commitment is to have DE+I top of our agenda and remove any barriers we encounter on behalf of all our current and future associates worldwide.

Leica Microsystems Leadership Corner – Manuela Adamoli

Manuela Adamoli, Vice President, Global Human Resources

I am passionate about Diversity, Equity + Inclusion because when you have spent time in different cultures or parts of the world, you realize how it feels to be "different," and I don't want anybody to have the feeling of not belonging. Furthermore, I'm a strong believer that every team, and especially a diverse team, achieves greater success and synergy than any individual could alone. It is every person's moral duty to ensure that everybody has the same opportunities and equal chances to thrive!

Phillip Becker

Philipp Becker, DBS Leader Support Functions

Diversity and inclusion are catalysts for progress, revealing perspectives we didn’t know existed and fueling innovative thought.  By celebrating our differences, we unlock new ideas, challenge assumptions, and cultivate a more inclusive world where everyone can thrive.

Becky M. Rephun

Becky M Rephun, Digital Marketing Director

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