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Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Microscopes can be used in industrial applications, such as the inspection of parts and components, rework and assembly, quality assurance / quality control, failure analysis, and research and development. Specific applications include technical cleanliness, steel quality rating, and metallography / metallurgy. These applications are commonly needed in a number of industrial sectors, like automotive and transportation, machine manufacturing, electronics and semiconductors, metal alloys, and medical devices.

There are a wide range of Leica microscope solutions for industrial applications, helping you with tasks like:

Production and Quality Assurance & Control (QA/QC):

Inspection: Efficiently and reliably analyze, make pass / fail decisions, and document results while inspecting parts and components

Rework & Assembly: Work confidently with components under the microscope, having a 3D perspective, to increase productivity and optimize quality

Failure Analysis (FA):

Quickly find and minimize the root causes of decreased performance and lifetime of components, reducing the overall risk of product failure

Research & Development (R&D):

Effectively manage innovative development and testing to achieve quality and productivity requirements

Technical Cleanliness

Optimize cleanliness analysis for industrial parts and components, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, oils, and pharma products.

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Metallurgy microsocpes from Leica microsystems provide a wide range of solutions to meet your specific material needs and budget.

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Inspection Microscopes

Leica inspection microscopes cover your needs, whether it is to have an overview of a component or sample or visualize fine details.

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