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ARveo - Digital Augmented Reality


Digital augmented reality microscope

Leica TCS SP8 CARS Confocal Microscope-Label Free Imaging


Label-free imaging of native specimens

Leica DFC450 C 5 Megapixel Color Microscope Camera with Cooling System

Leica DFC450 C

Digital 5 MP color microscope camera with active cooling system

Fluorescence Microscope Camera Leica DFC3000 G

Leica DFC3000 G

1.3 MP monochrome camera for basic fluorescence applications such as documentation of fixed, immunostained samples

Digital Color Camera

Leica DFC295

Digital Color Camera with 3 Megapixel for Fast and Easy Documentation


Multiphoton microscope with spectrally tunable detection.

Leica EM Cryo CLEM set based on Leica DM6 FS


Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy System

STED nanoscopy in all 3 dimensions


STED Nanoscopes

Truevision 3D HD Visualization & Recording System

TrueVision 3D Visualization System Ophthalmology

3D display for teaching and heads-up surgery

High Speed High Resolution Monochrome Fluorescence sCMOS Camera Leica DFC9000

Leica DFC9000

4.2 MP cooled monochrome fluorescence scmos camera for advanced applications like high-speed live cell imaging, FRAP, and ratio measurement

Integrated imaging system accurately stores high-resolution images fast.

Leica Application Suite

Microscope software platform for industrial and life science applications

Sharing Microscope Images. iPad app Leica DMShare

Leica DMshare

Sharing Microscope Images on an iPad

2D IOL guidance system for ophthalmic surgery

IOLcompass & 3D TrueGuide

2D and 3D IOL guidance systems

The Leica M651 manual surgical microscope for microsurgical procedures.

Leica M651

Manual surgical microscope for microsurgical procedures

The Leica M400 E surgical microscope ENT surgery

Leica M400 E

Surgical microscope for ENT surgery

Histological section from cat eye. Simultaneous spectral (grey) and FLIM (color) confocal imaging reveals contrast by lifetime. Acquisition and visualization using SP8 FALCON and LAS X software.


The contrast is clear. Lifetime imaging in an instant


Inspection System for Microelectronics and Semiconductor

Leica TCS SP8 X Spectral Characterization

Leica TCS SP8 X

Optimal excitation of any dye with white light laser covering the full visible spectrum

Leica HyD for photon counting

Leica HyD

The hybrid detector for super-sensitive imaging and photon counting

Leica TCS SPE with Leica DMi8 and climate chamber


The personal spectral confocal for daily research

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope SP8 LIGHTNING


Super-resolution live cell imaging in multicolor

HD Microscope Camera with 5Mpixel Leica MC170 HD

Leica MC170 HD

5 Megapixel HD Microscope Camera

Monochrome Digital Camera for Ultra-fast Live Cell Imaging and Superb Fluorescence Documentation

Leica DFC365 FX

1.4 MP cooled monochrome camera for standard live cell imaging of GFP-expressing cells and tissues

Digital Microscope System for Laboratory Research

Leica DMS1000 B

Digital microscope for biological research and in-vitro fertilization

Non-metallic Inclusion Rating Leica Steel Expert 2.0

Leica Steel Expert 2.0

Software for modern non-metallic inclusion rating

The Leica DMD108 Digital Micro Imaging solution addresses the growing workload in today’s busy laboratories.

Leica DMD108

Digital Microimaging Device: On Screen Imaging with Conventional Slide Handling

Super-Resolution System for 3D Localization Microscopy

Leica SR GSD 3D

Super-Resolution System for 3D Localization Microscopy

Leica TCS SP8 MP Multiphoton Microscope with IR Laser and OPO

Leica TCS SP8 MP

Multiphoton microscope for deep tissue imaging

Single Molecule Detection Platform Leica TCS SP8 SMD


Single Molecule Detection Platform

Leica M320 F12

Leica M320 F12 for ENT

Efficient clinic and surgery microscope for ENT

Photobleaching Module Leica WF FRAP for Leica DMi8


Photobleaching module

The Leica M651 MSD tabletop surgical microscope for the practice of microsurgery.

Leica M651 MSD

Surgical microscope on tabletop stand for the practice of microsurgery

Apochromatic 8:1 zoom with 75mm working distance allows easy access to specimen at high magnification.

Leica S8 APO

Unique Greenough Stereo Microscope with Apochromatic Optics

The Leica DFC290 HD offers fast, high-resolution, color imaging in real-time.

Leica DFC290 HD

Digital FireWire Camera

Leica M320 F12 for Dental

Leica M320 for dental

Dental microscope designed for a wide range of dental surgery applications.

Documenting fast dynamic cellular processes is easy with the Leica DFC310 FX digital color camera.

Leica DFC310 FX

Digital Color Camera for fast Acquisition of high-Quality Transmitted light and Fluorescence Images

The Leica DFC340 FX creates fast, high-resolution, monochrome images with excellent detail.

Leica DFC340 FX

Digital FireWire Camera Captures High-quality Monochrome Images

The Leica DFC360 FX provides excellent results in live cell imaging.

Leica DFC360 FX

Monochrome Digital Camera for Ultra fast, high-Resolution Image Acquisition

High speed, high resolution imaging with 1.4 megapixel CCD sensor.

Leica DFC400

Digital Camera with 1.4 Megapixel for Very Fast Image Captures (Mosaics or Z-Stacking)

Peltier cooling system – reduces noise for low light imaging.

Leica DFC420 C

Digital Camera with Peltier Cooling System Captures High-resolution, Color Images for Analysis, Documentation and Presentation

High speed, high-resolution imaging with 5 megapixel CCD.

Leica DFC420

Digital Color Camera with 5 Mpixel resolution for Image Analysis, Documentation and Presentation

Peltier cooling system – reduces noise for low light imaging.

Leica DFC490

Digital Color Camera with 8Mpixel 1-shot resolution for Documentation and Image Analysis

DFC500 captures high-speed, high-resolution images.

Leica DFC500

Digital Color Camera for Highest-Resolution Photomicrography

3.1 megapixel color CMOS sensor captures high-resolution images.

Leica EC3

High Speed Digital Color Camera for Basic College and University Courses

Leica ICC50 to share, capture and archive images with a powerful integrated camera system.

Leica ICC50

Share, capture and archive images - quick and easy

With the Leica ICC A, the user can record images on a video recorder or directly on a PC for processing and data transmission.

Leica ICC A

Ergonomic, Economical, High-performance Video Camera for Leica DM L Compound Microscopes

Education Microscope Leica DM100

Leica DM100

Monocular educational microscope for beginners in college or university life science courses with 4 achromat objectives

A complete 3D picture of microscopic specimens, seen through the eyepieces to on-screen, is at the user’s fingertips using the Leica IC 3D.

Leica IC 3D

Digital color camera for stereo microscopes

The Leica IC A video camera provides image sharpness, brightness, and true color rendering for a variety of stereomicroscope applications.

Leica IC A

Ergonomic, affordable, high-performance analogue video camera for stereo microscopes

The Leica IC D is a powerful, ergonomic, and cost-effective solution for professional digital microphotography.

Leica IC D

Compact, Integrated Digital FireWire Color Camera for Stereo Microscopes

Leica DC200

Compact, integrated digital FireWire color camera for stereo microscopes

Leica DFC480

Digital color camera (c-mount) for all applications

Leica DFC425 C

Digital 5 Megapixel color microscope camera with active cooling system for all applications

The Leica ES2 educational stereomicrscope.

Leica ES2

Stereo microscope for high-school education with 10x and 30x magnification and LED illumination

Leica DFC425

Digital Color Microscope Camera with 5 Megapixel Resolution for all Applications

Leica DFC495

Digital Color Microscope Camera with 8 Megapixel 1-shot Resolution

Leica DFC345 FX

High Resolution Digital Monochrome Camera for Fluorescence Applications

Leica ICC50 HD

HD Microscope Camera

Leica DFC450 5 Megapixel Digital Microscope Camera

Leica DFC450

Digital Color Microscope Camera with 5 Megapixel Resolution for all Applications

Leica DFC550 Digital Color Camera

Leica DFC550

Digital Color Camera for Highest-Resolution Photomicrography

HD Microscope Camera Leica MC120 HD

Leica MC120 HD

2.5 Megapixel HD Microscope Camera

Leica IC80 HD

Integrated Standalone Digital Camera for Stereo Microscopes with Full HD Live Video Output

The Leica M525 MC1 surgical microscope solution for neurosurgery and ENT surgery.

Leica M525 MC1

Versatile surgical microscope for microsurgery

The Leica M525 MS3 surgical microscope solution for neurosurgery, spine surgery and ENT.

Leica M525 MS3

The surgical microscope system for neurosurgery, spine surgery and ENT

The Leica M680 Surgical microscope for reconstructive, hand, heart and spinal surgery, urology and gynaecology.

Leica M680

Surgical Microscope for Reconstructive, hand, heart and Spinal Surgery, Urology and Gynaecology

Leica M820 F19

Leica M820 F19

High performance ophthalmic microscope

Leica M820 F20

Leica M820 F40 / F20

High performance ophthalmic microscope

Easily study the processes of life from embryo to adult with both high-resolution imaging and large field macro zoom imaging.


Capture Intra-vital Adult and Embryo Images from Macro to Micro

The Leica TCS SP5 X ‘white light laser’ confocal can excite the dyes of today and tomorrow with ideal spectral detection.

Leica TCS SP5 X

Tune into any Excitation with Supercontinuum Confocal

Broadband confocal Leica TCS SP5

Leica TCS SP5

Broadband Confocal Microscope

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging using Leica TCS SMD FLIM


Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

Leica TCS SP II with Acousto-Optical Beam Splitter

Leica TCS SP5 II

Broadband Confocal Microscope

Leica TCS STED CW confocal microscope for live cell imaging below the diffraction limit


The Fast Track to Super-Resolution

Leica TCS SP5 MP for deep tissue imaging

Leica TCS SP5 MP

Deep Tissue Imaging at Video Rate

Leica TCS MP5 optimized for multiphoton imaging

Leica TCS MP5

Optimized for Multiphoton Imaging

Leica HCS LSI Zebrafish High Content Screening Automation


Zebrafish High Content Screening Automation


Life Molecular Profiling

The Leica BAF060 - Sample Preparation System for Freeze Drying, Etching & Freeze Fracturing

Leica EM BAF060

Freeze Fracture System

The Leica CED030 Carbon thread evaporation device

Leica EM CED030

Carbon Thread Evaporation Device

Cool Sputter Coater

Leica EM SCD005

Cool Sputter Coater

The Leica SCD050 cool sputtering device for SEM coating or EDX/EDS sample analysis

Leica EM SCD050

Cool sputtering device for universal SEM coating

The Leica SCD500 high vacuum sputter coater

Leica EM SCD500

High vacuum sputter coater for highest resolution FE-SEM analysis

The Leica TIC020 triple ion beam cutter

Leica EM TIC020

Triple Ion Beam Miller for Preparation of Slope Cuts

The Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome for ultrathin sectioning of biological and industrial specimen samples

Leica EM UC6

Ultramicrotome for ultrathin sectioning of biological and industrial specimen samples

7-way LED illumination provides incident, oblique and transmitted light.

Leica EZ4 D

Educational Stereo Microscope with Integrated LED llumination and Digital 3 MP Camera

The Leica EZ5 stereomicroscope.

Leica EZ5

The OEM stereo microscope for industry

On-axis macro documentation system provides large field of view and large working distance for parallax-free documention.

Leica MacroFluo

Macro Documentation System for Fluorescence

Fluorescence ring light (optional) provides homogeneous reflex free illumination.

Leica MZ6

High-performance, Modular Stereomicroscope for Application Based Customization

Field of view up to 36.5mm for fast, accurate inspection.

Leica S4 E

Entry Level Greenough Stereo Microscope for 3D Visualization

Video/photo port – provides easy, fast mounting of Leica digital cameras.

Leica S6 D

Greenough stereo microscope provides easy, comprehensive documentation solution

38° eye tubes  - comfortable workstation increases productivity.

Leica S6 E

Comfortable, Greenough Stereo Microscope Increases Productivity

Conductive design - guarantees contact static voltages of under 100V.

Leica S6 T

Fully electrostatic dissipative greenough stereo microscope

60° angle eye tubes  - for comfort and convenience especially, when the instrument is inclined

Leica S6

Stereo microscope with greenough optical system with 60° eye tube angle, ideal for OEM applications

Automated zoom, iris diaphragm and fine focus for fast reproducible imaging

Leica Z16 APO A

Motorized 16:1 Macroscope for Detailed Documentation, Measurement and Evaluation

Motorized zoom, iris diaphragm and fine focus for fast reproducible imaging.

Leica Z6 APO A

Motorized 6:1 Macroscope for Detailed Documentation, Measurement and Evaluation

The KL200 LED Illumination on a Leica S4 E Stereomicroscope

Leica KL200 LED

LED cold light source for routine / lower magnification applications

Interactive Microscopy System Leica IMS500

Leica IMS500

Select and Share Microscope Images - Interactive Microscopy System

Leica DVM2000

A Wide Range of Components for Entry Level Examinations

Leica DVM5000

The Portable Digital Microscope

Educational Stereo Microscope Leica EZ4 HD

Leica EZ4 HD

Stereo Microscope with LED and HD Camera

Leica DVM5000 HD Digital Microscope

Leica DVM5000 HD

All-In-One Digital Microscope with High Degree of Magnification

Confocal and interferometry technology for high speed, high-resolution measurements.

Leica DCM 3D

3D Optical Surface Metrology System

The Leica AM6000 automates and speeds up  micromanipulation workflow.

Leica AM6000

Automated, Fast Micromanipulation

Leica AM TIRF MC provides the highest transmission of all optical TIRF components for maximum TIRF imaging speed and image brilliance.


True MultiColor Laser TIRF

High-quality optics and durability make the Leica BM E a best-in-class educational microscope.

Leica BM E

Easy-to-use, Durable Educational Microscope with Superior Optics

Flexibility meets high throughput with the Leica DM2500 MH materials microscope system.

Leica DM2500 MH

Materials Microscope Head System

The efficient Leica DM2500 M improves workflow and allows the user to concentrate entirely on the work at hand.

Leica DM2500 M

Materials Analysis Microscope

With the Leica DM2500 P, using a polarizing microscope has never been easier.

Leica DM2500 P

Versatile, Modular Polarization Microscope

The Leica DM4000 B features Intelligent Automation for intuitive operation and reproducible results.

Leica DM4000 B

Automated Upright Microscope System for Life Science Research

The Leica DM4000 M saves time and provides reproducible results.

Leica DM4000 M

Versatile Upright Microscope for Materials Analysis

The Leica DM4500 P provides consistent, reproducible research and quality control results.

Leica DM4500 P

Polarization Microscope without Compromise to Comfort and Quality

The automated, intuitive Leica DM5000 B, ideal for morphology studies and live cell research, is easy to use

Leica DM5000 B

Automated Upright Microscope System for Life Science Research

Intelligent Automation tailors the Leica DM5500 B for specific applications using a variety of electronic managers.

Leica DM5500 B

Automated Upright Microscope System for Life Science Research

The Leica DM6000 B is a powerful tool for applications such as immunofluorescence with deconvolution option, FISH, and live cell imaging.

Leica DM6000 B

Fully Automated Upright Microscope System for Cutting-edge Life Science Research

The Leica DM6000 M can be custom-tailored for specific applications with high-resolution digital cameras and software modules for image analysis and archiving.

Leica DM6000 M

Automated Research Microscope for Materials Science

The Leica DMI3000 B is the first research microscope with direct access to the back focal plane to adapt to different contrasting techniques.

Leica DMI3000 B

Manual Inverted Microscope for Basic Life Science Research

The Leica DMI3000 M provides exceptional image quality and convenience.

Leica DMI3000 M

Inverted, Manual Microscope for Industrial Applications

The complete Leica DMI5000 system, including microscope, camera, and software, provides a seamless, harmonious solution for materials testing and quality control.

Leica DMI5000 M

Inverted Research Microscope for Materials Testing

The Leica DMI6000 B provides high-level automation for advanced research applications.

Leica DMI6000 B

Fully Automated Inverted Research Microscope for Biomedical Research

The Leica FS4000 provides high-precision comparison of trace evidence for forensic investigation.

Leica FS4000

Forensic Comparison Microscope

Laser Microdissection System Leica LMD7000

Leica LMD6500 & LMD7000

Laser Microdissection Systems

Spinning Disc System for Fast Confocal Live Cell Imaging - Leica SD AF

Leica SD AF

Spinning Disc System for Fast Confocal Live Cell Imaging

Leica SR GSD Microscope

Leica SR GSD

Widefield Super-resolution System

Upright Microscope Leica DM4000 M LED

Leica DM4000 M LED

Versatile Upright Microscope for Materials Analysis with LED Illumination

Polarization Microscope Leica DM4500 P LED

Leica DM4500 P LED

Polarization Microscope with LED Illumination without Compromise to Comfort and Quality

Automated Upright Microscope System with LED Illumination for Life Sciences

Leica DM4000 B LED

Automated Upright Microscope System with LED Illumination

The Leica DMI4000 B can be combined with a variety of accessories to customize an imaging system for a specific user and application.

Leica DMI4000 B

Automated Inverted Microscope for Life Science Research

Digital Microscope Leica DVM2500

Leica DVM2500

PC-based Digital Microscope with High Degree of Magnification