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Maneuver With Ease

Work freely and comfortably even in a crowded ENT OR thanks to a long-reaching overhead stand, lightweight, effortless positioning, and large free working distance.

  • Superior overhead clearance and 36% longer reach than competitive products, for positioning flexibility and space to work
  • Compact footprint to maximize OR space
  • Easily maneuver instruments thanks to the large 600 mm working distance
  • Fast stabilization at all angles keeps workflow interruptions to a minimum

Feel the Ergonomic Benefits

The Leica M530 OHX was designed with the comfort of you and your assistant in mind. Choose from a range of binoculars, all with 360°rotation so whatever the angle of view, you remain upright.

The compact optics carrier design allows for increased proximity to the operative site and ensures your arms are not overextended. Not only can you maintain a comfortable working position but you can also avoid harsh, repetitive movements thanks to the microscope’s lightweight, precise movement.

See More With FusionOptics

FusionOptics, the groundbreaking technology from Leica Microsystems, unites an enhanced depth of field with high resolution to create an optimal view of the surgical field.

A larger area in full focus also means that there is less need to refocus the microscope which helps to streamline workflow:

The Technology of FusionOptics

  1. Two separate beam paths
  2. One beam path provides depth of field
  3. One beam path provides high resolution
  4. The brain merges the two images to a single optimal spatial image 

Astounding Image Quality

Working in deep narrow channels is your daily challenge in otolaryngology, particularly in procedures such as skull base, temporal bone or inner ear. The Leica M530 OHX delivers outstanding optics and illumination to support your visualization.

  • Bright, true-to-life color visualization with 400-Watt xenon light
  • Small Angle Illumination (SAI) for optimal view to the bottom of deep, narrow cavities
  • Clear, sharply focused image thanks to apochromatic optics
  • Leica Magnification Multiplier with 40% magnification boost (optional)

Reinforce Patient Safety

Light is essential for optimal visualization, but high light intensity can cause damage. Help protect your patients’ skin and tissue with innovative light management systems from Leica Microsystems.

As working distance decreases, BrightCare Plus reduces light intensity automatically, minimizing incidents of patient burns. The internal luxometer calculates light intensity on actual bulb output, not via an algorithm.

Optimal Field of Illumination

AutoIris automatically adjusts the diaphragm so that only the visible area is illuminated. This prevents the possibility of drying or burning exposed tissue outside the field of view.

Optimal light intensity and illumination with Leica M530 OHX ENT Microscope
Optimal light intensity and illumination with Leica M530 OHX ENT Microscope
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