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We invite you to participate in our interactive forum for post-doc researchers.

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What it is

This forum is intended to provide an opportunity for “at the bench” researchers to present their imaging techniques and applications.

Virtual events

Future PI Forum virtual events will enable participants to engage with the scientific community and provide an outlet for creative feedback, collaboration and career advancement.

How it works

You will be asked to share some information about yourself and your research, and to provide an abstract about your presentation.
Your submission will be assessed by an independent dedicated panel of renowned Principal Investigators. If selected, you will have the opportunity to present to your peers in an online format.

We will notify you if your presentation is selected for the Future PI Forum and provide you with your date and time to present, as well as a link to invite your peers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the format?

A: This is a Live WebEx presentation lasting 30 minutes (25 minutes for the presentation, and 5 minutes allotted for Q&A). The sessions will be recorded, and then posted on Leica’s Science Lab.

Q: What is the Leica Microsystems Future PI Forum?

A: A forum where “at the bench” researchers can present imaging techniques utilized in the context of their projects, specifically targeted at post-docs.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Presenters are trainees, generally graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, conducting life science research whose projects garner microscopic images (optical and electron) and/or movies and time-lapse micrographs.

Q: What can I present?

A: Each presentation should focus on one or more imaging techniques and its applications in the context of your life science research project. Your scientific story legitimizes the techniques used so feel free to share that story.

Q: What are the benefits for participating? 

A: This forum supports the professional development of future PIs by providing excellent opportunities to network, establish collaborations, and share your microscopy expertise to local and national imaging communities.

Q: Who picks the presenters?

A: An independent group of external panelists, chosen by Leica Microsystems, with expertise in scientific imaging will review the applications. Panelists will be announced in early 2021.

Q:Do I have to use Leica equipment?

A: It is not required. Due to trademark and copyright liabilities as well as regulatory considerations in making claims about product capabilities, it is highly recommended that references to specific brands and instruments be avoided in your presentation. It is recommended, however, that your presentation include a “Materials and Methods” appendix detailing instrumentation and materials used without any specific claims of capabilities or preference.

Q: Where can I watch past presentations?

A: Leica Science Lab 

Q: Who owns the rights to my images?

A: Leica Microsystems requires a rights release from all presenters. The release grants Leica Microsystems permission to use imagery for educational and marketing purposes. Leica Microsystems does NOT own copyright and you are free to use the image for other purposes at your choosing.

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