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Leica Microsystems 소식

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QC 커뮤니티를 위한 통합 사용자 인터페이스는 모바일 검사를 가능하게 합니다.

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현미경 카메라 신제품 Flexacam C3

라이카 마이크로시스템즈의 올인원(All-In-One) 디지털 검사 솔루션


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✅Become part of our team➡ https://t.co/XfqG07YJP7

✅What´s inside you? There´s no better place to find out. Join Lei… https://t.co/AkRUaghPcf

✅ How do you image histological & fluorescent samples with one system? Find out how on MicaCam. See how the new Flu… https://t.co/E5KPsZm8x7

RT @JensPGabriel: Great workshop by @mgpisfil on 5-color STED nanoscopy with a single depletion laser #TiM2023 @GerBI_GMB #STELLARIS @Leica

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Interested in dissecting #cells, without defining every ROI by hand?

With our Image Analysis Software #Aivia you ca… https://t.co/YNdsSoW0sv

🔶 Don’t miss the chance to find out how to leverage lifetime-based information to solve #biological questions. Appl… https://t.co/5kY1ifurOL

This article in @EPM_Magazine explains how a 2-in-1 solution combining optical microscopy & chemical analysis with… https://t.co/8euGno33gj

Join us in less than an hour for this great live event! https://t.co/H8UCTjW7aX

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@microscopyEd @Harvard_CBI We want a picture with everyone wearing these 😀

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The rapidly acquired #THUNDER images are useful for the study of epithelial morphogenesis in cancer research. Read… https://t.co/SfynjrLniA

Read this 📰 to see how haze-free images of mutant & wild-type #Drosophila follicles or egg chambers help distinguis… https://t.co/WTl4goyMzQ

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