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Spatial biology is transforming the landscape in biological research

Welcome to the Frontier of Spatial Biology Discovery! Dive into the future with our comprehensive resources tailored for spatial biology research. Explore and download insightful eBooks and on-demand webinars, providing a wealth of knowledge curated for your research journey. Elevate your investigations with the STELLARIS Confocal Platform, Cell DIVE, multiplexing imaging solution, and our LMD 6 and 7, our laser microdissection systems – innovative tools designed to illuminate the intricate spatial organization of biological systems. Your journey to unraveling the mysteries of spatial biology starts here!

Free resources

Methods to Improve Reproducibility in Spatial Biology Research

Learn how Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging, validated CST antibodies, and automation from ASLS, deliver reproducible spatial biology results across samples, in a proven workflow.


The Power of Spatial Biology: A Microscopy Guide

Discover how spatial biology methods in microscopy can be used to elucidate complex biological mechanisms – with insights for cancer research, neuroscience and immunology.


Multiplexing with Luke Gammon: Advance your Spatial Biology Research

Learn about some of the challenges of multiplexed imaging and how to overcome them, including processing large amounts of data, as well as the role of AI in the future of multiplexed imaging.


Explore the World of Spatial Proteomics with Deep Visual Insights in our Transformative Podcast Series

In this episode, we delve into the transformative scDVP technology, unravelling the complexities of liver zonation and pushing the boundaries of single-cell research. Stay informed about the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of spatial proteomics.



On Demand Events

See the Hidden: Spatial Biology I

Discover new approaches that leverage fluorescence multiplexing and spatial omics to examine the behavior and identity of cells in diverse tissues, as well as identifying local changes in protein content.

See the Hidden: Spatial Biology II

Examine the spatial mapping of single cells within context, focusing on the tissue microenvironment, as well as techniques to analyze variability in spatial single-cell RNA and protein expression.

See the Hidden: Spatial Proteomics

Learn how a deeper understanding of protein subcellular localization, using advanced microscopy techniques, can shed new insights into diseases such as metabolic disorders and cancer.

See the Hidden: Spatial Proteomics II

See how 10-color image acquisition using a confocal microscope masters the challenge of identifying skin immune cells in healthy and pathological samples.


Our Products and Sollutions


The STELLARIS confocal platform from Leica Microsystems is a cutting-edge tool in spatial biology research, leveraging confocal microscopy to meticulously examine the three-dimensional distribution of fluorescently labeled molecules.
STELLARIS offers superior resolution and detailed imaging of thick biological samples, enabling you to precisely analyze spatial organization within cells and tissues. The STELLARIS confocal platform helps you in unraveling the complexities of spatial biology, providing essential insights into the arrangement and interactions of biomolecules in their native environments.


Cell DIVE Multiplex Imaging Solution

Mapping biomarker expression in tissue sections

What if every scientist could map normal and diseased tissue by cell type, biomarker profile, and specific features?

Cell DIVE is a precise, open multiplexing solution that lets your research dictate the level of automation required, which antibodies to use, how to build your antibody panel, and more.

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Laser Microdissection Systems

Precise sample isolation for downstream analysis​

Collect pure starting material by accurately isolating tissue sections, single cells or subcellular sections, including AI-based dissection, with Leica laser microdissection systems.

Preserve spatial context for your downstream proteomics, genomics and transcriptomics analysis.

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